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Consistent SEO Leads To Consistent Organic Google Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opens up the advertising playing field for small to medium Australian businesses that would not otherwise have the budget for large scale advertising. High search engine rankings are prime-time gold in terms of lead generation and present a far greater return on investment than other media forms.

Traditional media such as TV, radio and print presents numerous constraints for small businesses – the cost is obviously the main obstacle, but monitoring the effectiveness of traditional forms of advertising is also difficult. The lack of tangible measures makes it difficult for small businesses to commit large percentages of their marketing budgets to such advertising.

More and more Australian businesses are realising the significance of top search engine rankings. In fact top rankings for relevant search terms are now for a primary concern for businesses and marketers throughout Australia. With 80% of Australians regularly online, the internet presents far greater value than prime time television.

Somewhere in the region of $1.3bn is expected to be spent this year on search advertising – pay per click (PPC) adverts such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Advertising and while it represents a favourable return on investment, which can be monitored through your AdWords account, PPC only represents a fraction of where web searchers click.

Ranking First on Google for Competitive Keywords is the Ultimate SEO Objective

Google commands somewhere in the region of 90-95% of search traffic in Australia. So ranking on Google is important – the difference between ranking first and tenth can represent a 30-fold increase in traffic.

Does TV advertising represent a 30-fold increase in traffic to the average business? It depends on the industry but even then it’s difficult to measure accurately. Relative to the cost of advertising, good rankings completely out-perform television advertising on three key points:

(i) you only place your business in view of relevant searches – people who actively want your product or service are more likely to buy than people sitting on the couch watching TV

(ii) you don’t pay for SEO unless you enlist the services of a SEO company and even then, the costs are a tiny fraction of those associated with TV advertising (where you will probably have to hire an advertising agency anyway);

(iii) increase brand awareness to relevant searchers. While TV still commands to highest fees, it doesn’t get you direct to your target market every time – people actively searching for your products are the first people you want aware of your brand

You Can Monitor Your SEO Rankings & Check Traffic for FREE!

Monitoring rankings and tracking the performance of your website is free using Google Analytics. Once you have installed the tracking code, you can monitor traffic to your site and if you regularly check your rankings, you will be able to determine exactly how ranking improvements impact on traffic to your site.

Having this data at your disposal tells you where you need to focus your attention in your SEO campaign in order to get the best results from your rankings. There is little point putting all your eggs in one basket trying to get the number one ranking for the most competitive search terms. You are most likely competing directly with SEO pro’s who have achieved and maintained that rank over a long period time.

It makes more sense to analyse how different people search your product or service and target long tail keywords. Success in long-tail will have a knock-on effect on how you rank in Google for more competitive search terms.

At we monitor rankings and traffic and report regularly to clients

If getting to the top of Google rankings is an objective for your business, enlist the services of the best performance-based SEO company in Australia. We consistently deliver and maintain thousands of top rankings and provide regular, transparent updates on traffic and rankings performance for all our clients.

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