Beware of search engine ranking guarantees when choosing an SEO provider

Google & SEO Guarantees from SEO providers

Firstly we must dispel the notion of SEO ranking guarantees. The only way any online marketer can guarantee to have your website positioned on the first page of Google results is through a well-managed Google AdWords campaign – and that costs money, more money if you are regularly featuring in the Sponsored Links section for relevant search terms and even more money if you are doing so for the most competitive search terms.

There is no other way that your place on the first page of Google can be guaranteed for competitive search terms. For less competitive long-tail variations of keywords, it is easier to rank on the first page and even at the top of the first page but even these rankings cannot be guaranteed.

It is impossible for SEO providers to give specific guarantees on Google rankings

Some SEO providers claim to be able to deliver top Google rankings and offer guarantees on delivering such great results as a way of enticing new customers. Such ranking guarantees are rarely, if ever, met and very often when they are met, they offer no real value.

We can’t and don’t guarantee specific search engine rankings. Neither can any genuine SEO services provider. All we can do is point to thousands of existing search engine ranking successes and positive SEO results that we have delivered for businesses in scores of industries throughout Australia.

Our extensive pool of search engine optimisation (SEO) industry knowledge ensures that we know what it takes to deliver top rankings even for the most competitive search terms in highly competitive industries. Don’t just take our word for it – listen to what clients are saying about in our client testimonials. Past and current successes in SEO are an excellent means of evaluating a company’s ability to deliver.

What does guarantee for new and existing customers is transparent, performance-based SEO strategy management and access to extensive search engine marketing resources. offer a zero fee SEO guarantee if ranking targets are not met

At we promise to deliver at top ten rankings for at least 50% of your chosen keywords within 6 months. Otherwise you stop paying until we achieve this milestone. We can’t guarantee it will happen but it offers you a safety net of knowing that you are not paying for a service that doesn’t deliver.

It’s in our interests to ensure you get to the top end of the first page of SERPs for competitive industry keywords. Your success fuels our success and while we can’t guarantee that your site will get Number 1 rankings overnight, we do guarantee positive results or a free service – we have helped and continue to help hundreds of Australian businesses to get top Google rankings. We do so in a transparent and measurable fashion – look at our Client Results to see the rankings we have delivered in the last year.

If you want to get the best ranking results, call on 1300 650 274, where you are guaranteed to get the best SEO service in Australia.

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