8 Ways To Boost Your Local SEO with “Google My Business”

At ROI.COM.AU staying current is the name of the game, so we thought we’d share Google’s latest updates with you and how you can leverage these for your company’s ambitions.

“Google My Business” now offers you the opportunity to create posts that will sit on your business panel when your company is searched.

Not only will you be able to offer more information to people but this will improve the SEO of your company’s profile, increasing your visibility during the search process.

Here’s an image below of what ROI.COM.AU has done with their account to improve its search results as a Google Adwords and SEO agency.


Local SEO Google My Business


Here are 8 different types of posts that you could utilise this feature for:

  1. Mail/Offer Sign Ups
  2. Sales Advertising
  3. New Store Location Ad
  4. Top Products/ Services
  5. Link Blog Posts
  6. Restaurant Bookings
  7. Link to Articles, reviews etc. on your business
  8. Events


Another update is the option for companies to create their own “micro websites”.

Here, Google gives business owners the ability to create simple websites, showcasing their product, services, details and contact information.

An intuitive interface makes website creation a cinch for even the most ham-fisted of digital novices.

If you already have a website, fear not. You can still create a micro site and keep it hidden via ticking the appropriate boxes, helping you improve your SEO by having more information online, but not diminishing the effectiveness of your fancy pants website which you’ve spent a lot of money on.

So while companies often look to their main website to improve their SEO, a gold mine of opportunity awaits in ensuring that your “Google My Business” profile is up to date, and fully utilising every information section available.

Everything adds up, so be sure to couple the aforementioned tactics alongside maintaining your website.

Still not sure if you’ve fully optimised your Google My Business Profile for your company? Contact us today for an SEO audit today. Or read more about our services here!


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