Google Chrome to flag unsecure and untrustworthy sites

Picture this – you’re on a website, about to register your details to sign up to a mailing list, receive that free product trial or buy your favourite pair of shoes on a site you’ve shopped at for years.

In the top left hand corner, a bright red warning sign and the words ‘Not Secure’ glares back at you…stopping you from clicking that button. The website you’re about to put your details on has been tagged as unsafe by Google. Your trust is gone. You close the website and go somewhere else.

Trust has become the most prominent factor when customers are making a purchase/engagement decision online.

Whenever we talk to clients; trust based conversations around how you can get people to go on your website, enquire via a contact form, register their details and enter payment information, is top of mind.

How can people trust that their information will be safe on your website? Or that your business itself is trustworthy?


Starting in January 2017, Chrome will flag “not secure” on any unencrypted sites that accept a username and password or a credit card.

That unmistakable alert will appear to the left of Chrome’s address bar.

It will soon be obvious worldwide that a secure website, that is safe for customers to supply personal details, will have a green security lock icon and display HTTPS at the start of their URL.  

 “Chrome team is about to start naming and shaming the nearly half of the world’s websites that don’t use strong encryption, putting a clear “Not secure” warning next to thousands of popular online destinations that use unencrypted HTTP connections rather than encrypted HTTPS connections. In the process, they may just change the standard for security online.”

Adrienne Porter Felt – Chrome Security team.

google chrome

To make this discussion even more urgent, almost 60% of all internet users browse via Google Chrome. Scary huh!

If your website is configured with only HTTP, not only will you be providing an unsafe experience to your customers, everyone will now know about this.

Google is keen to educate users that any information transmitted over an HTTP connection is vulnerable to being intercepted and read by a third party.

ROICOMAU are offering a limited-time service to ensure your website is not going to be affected – Giving your business an opportunity to be a step ahead of the pack.

For a one-off fee of $295.00 + GST, ROI.COM.AU will upgrade your site to be HTTPS certified.

This will include:

  • HTTPS verification
  • Faster load time on your website
  • Reduce web attacks

Contact us today and make sure your website is secure before the warning flags are released.


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