Facebook Stories – Five things you need to know so far


Facebook Stories are coming. This could be a game changer in the world of marketing.

Here are our five things you need to know about the new feature being rolled out across the world.


Facebook has adopted this feature from Instagram and Snapchat

Many of you will know that Stories isn’t new to the world of social media. It is something Snapchat has seen great success in, in addition to it now being one of Instagram’s most prominent features. Facebook’s version will be a lot like Instagram’s, which isn’t a surprise with the platform being owned by Facebook. Icons will appear at the top of a person’s News Feed and friends’ stories can be watched one after another. I wonder how much time we’ll spend daily doing this?


There will be more than one way to view stories

As well as seeing stories at the top of your News Feed, users can swipe right anywhere on the screen to view stories and create their own,  with additional interactive filters, frames and masks.


Not everyone has this feature yet

Stories has been rolled out slowly to beta users in the US and as of March 28th, is being seen worldwide. But one thing we’ve noticed is that this isn’t yet something that is for business pages. When and if this is made a feature for business pages, it could change marketing for businesses immensely. Businesses could pay for ‘sponsored stories’ with options to boost to reach an even bigger audience across the already busy network.



Brands have already started to take advantage

You may have seen, along with the Snapchat style filters, a number of entertainment brands are already using this new feature to their advantage, which filters for upcoming movies; Alien: Covenant, Discpicable Me 3 and Wonder Woman. This is a great marketing strategy for big brands and movies, and allows them to reach an unprecedented amount of users. Recent data has shown us that 1.23 billion people are active on Facebook every day.


With this in mind, integration with Adverts Manager and Business Manager could soon see organisations worldwide using Facebook Stories with adverts between people stories, featured filters and even geo filters, similar to the ones that are on Snapchat. This would open up location based story advertising for businesses.


Copycat criticism hasn’t dampened Facebook’s success

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism recently, after Instagram Stories and now Facebook Stories. However, since its inception, Instagram Stories quickly grew to match Snapchat in audience size and also allows personal and business users to reach and engage with a much wider audience. Instagram users can view the stories of people they aren’t connected to on the ‘Explore’ tab. One thing that Instagram has done is integrated their ‘Live’ feature into stories. Recently, Facebook has began to really push and promote their ‘Live’ feature, and we could soon see this integrated into Facebook Stories, allowing users’ live vidoes to be immediately at the top of their followers/friends/likes News Feed.


There will be so much to learn about this new Facebook feature in the ever changing world of social media.



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