#TBT Top 10 Most Memorable Australian TV Ads

We are pretty lucky at ROI.COM.AU, our close ties with the people at Google ensures we are always kept up to date on the absolute latest enhancements to the suite of Google Advertising products. The digital world is forever changing and at times the breakneck speed is tough to keep up with, but a bit of late night office banter about the “good old days” turned into a discussion about some of the ads that filled our TV screens in days gone by.

We’ve been careful to use the word “memorable” here and not “best”, because our #throwbackthursday post looks at the ads from years gone by that have been memorable for reasons other than creativity and production values.

10. Franco Cozzo

I challenge you to find a child of the 80’s who doesn’t remember the dulcet tones of Franco Cozzo bleating out “Grand Sale, Grand Sale”, or one who couldn’t tell you where his stores were located, in “Brunswick and Foot-es-cray”.

9. Yellow Pages

Before we all became unhappy with Jan, we were taking a spelling lesson from a man with a thick Scottish accent. That’s “Gee-Ohh, Gee-Gee-Ohh”.

8. Ken Bruce

Never before and I suspect never again, has one ad been able to combine a straight jacket, a parrot, Madonna and cross-dressing men walking a pack of dogs. There’s little doubt that Ken Bruce was mad.

7. Cottees Cordial

This ad isn’t so memorable for the ad itself, but more the way that every school yard in the 80’s had its very own version of the lyrics. We’ll leave that one to the imagination.

6. Devondale – Soy Aftertaste

I can see the funny side in this one, but the lasting memory for me in this one is the look of complete distraught on the face of the young girl.

5. Coles – No added hormones

It’s hard to imagine that a brand as big as Coles could get this one so horribly wrong. Never has an ad been so cringeworthy.

4. Smith’s Chips – Gobbledok

The Gobbledok was so popular I remember it being a sought after toy at the Royal Melbourne Show. It was impossible to reach for a Smith’s Chip without muttering “Chippieeeeeesssss” at the same time.

3. Souvlaki Hut

They say the number one rule in television is to never work with animals or children. Perhaps they should add former AFL footballers to this list. This is definitely an ad remembered for all the wrong reasons.

2. Remember Erich Planinsek?

If you’re old enough to remember, he’s hard to forget. Erich Planinsek was a fashion retailer based in Fitzoy in Melbourne during the 1980’s. His ad’s were a little on the repetitive side. Not sure he quite got the alignment between Fur Coats and Summer Sale right either.

1. The Original VB Ad

It’s hard to believe that “a hard earned thirst” has been part of the Australian vernacular since 1984. You can get it walkin, you can get it talking, you can get it writing a blog. Matter of fact….


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