What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is the second most popular social media site in Australia

StumbleUpon finds and recommends web content to its users based upon their personal tastes and interests. Based on a similar premise to Facebook profiling, StumbleUpon allows users to discover and rate web pages, images and videos.

The StumbleUpon toolbar is available on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. By clicking the Stumble button, users are directed through a stream of sites that reflect their interests or have been recommended by friends.

StumbleUpon filters web content for virtual communities of like-minded internet searchers based on the thumbs up, thumbs down toolbar feature which is similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. Once a user gives a page the thumbs up, it is stored in their favourites and it effectively acts as an endorsement for friends and like-minded web searchers.

What may surprise many people is the rate of use of StumbleUpon in Australia. According to Stat Counter, StumbleUpon is second to Facebook as the most popular social networking site in Australia, commanding 12.6% of social media usage figures in Australia in the last 12 months. That’s almost as much as Twitter and Youtube combined.

In the United States, StumbleUpon is even more popular with 32.7% of social media users regularly using the site – that’s just 15% less than Facebook usage. StumbleUpon is the second most used site throughout North America and in the UK & Ireland but as yet has failed to make a similar impact throughout the rest of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America where Facebook continues to be miles ahead.

Can Stumble Upon Help My Business?

From a business perspective StumbleUpon isn’t the same as other social media sites but it is definitely worthwhile to actively promote your business amongst online customers. Whether you sell online or not, regularly interacting with customers will have the desired effect. Doing so across the most popular platforms such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and LinkedIn will have a benefit.

Offering incentives to customers willing to give your business the thumbs up on Stumble Upon and other social media sites acts as a form of digital word-of-mouth which exposes your businesses to more potential customers.

If you actively use Stumble Upon and give your thumbs up to businesses you deal with regularly, you may stumble upon new opportunities for your business, or present your business to like-minded businesses using the discovery engine.

Advertising on StumbleUpon

Similar to Facebook, StumbleUpon uses its knowledge of user preferences to deliver targeted advertising. The revamped advertising platform is known as StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. There are currently three tiers to advertising on StumbleUpon – Light, Standard and Premium. The three advertising products cater to varying needs levels and offer advertising based on interest, location and demographics with integrated Google Analytics reporting.

Unlike PPC advertising, StumbleUpon Paid Discovery charges a flat fee ($.05, $0.10 and $0.25 for the three packages) for adverts and Stumble Upon claim to find users who are interested in learning about new things, whereas PPC advertises to people searching for one specific thing.

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