You service your car, so why not your website?

Website Service and Design
IT’S the second month of the year and all businesses are in full swing.

If growing sales from your website is on your mind, this is not the time to take short cuts.

To grow sales quickly it is easy to focus on:

  • More Traffic per month
  • Get ranked fast
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Spending more money on AdWords

But have you got the fundamentals on your website right? Is your website turning people away?

You get your car serviced regularly… so your website should be the same.

Here are the website fundamentals you need to check and get serviced so they are working properly.

Fundamentals Common Website Issues Real World Equivalent
Site speed Your site speed is slow on desktop and mobile A potential customer cannot open the door to your building or store
Site navigation A low percentage of people reach your most important product/service pages. High exit rates A department store without signage to their best-selling product categories
Technical functionality/security Many of your pages have broken links and the pages are not secure when customers enter their details Leaving defect stock on the shelves or the doors unlocked at night time and weekends
User experience It is not clear how I can buy your product/ service from the website? Do I call, email, get a quote, do you visit me? A low percentage of people reach your contact us page Being on hold for 10+ as you are bounced around departments with people who are not sure who can handle your call?
Presentation and value proposition Your website photos have not been  updated for a long time and your key sales messages are not being read or clear The restaurant showing awards from 2007. Your product brochures are out of date.

Is your website turning people away? Get Free Report has developed a free analysis report which gives you a quick snapshot on how your website is performing in all of the above areas.

If you would like the free report, simply call or email us with the website URL and we’ll get back to you.

We also have unique service which can service and fix all of the areas above for a very affordable price.

Thanks for reading.


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