Brand connection moments that can have a big impact



I LIKE to run sessions at where we simply type keywords into Google for a huge variety of businesses and I ask everyone in the room which business they would choose?

I call this the “brand connection” moment

This is the time when a user decides whether they will connect with your brand and click through to your website or not.

Without clicking and within seconds everyone has made up their mind and we discuss why certain websites “won” the audience.

In almost every scenario one or two businesses dominate the market.

The results are fascinating, vary significantly and are not what you think. There is so much depth and value to the data it is almost overwhelming, but most of the insights get lost in the daily functional outputs of:

  • Improving rankings
  • Increasing click-through rate
  • Reducing cost per click

The results vary hugely based on the following data segmentation:

  • Circumstances of client
  • Market share of brands within the category
  • Price sensitivity of the market
  • Complexity of transaction
  • Position in the buying cycle
  • Proximity of the business

One of the best examples of a campaign we run was for a car locksmith only targeting mobile devices.

We tested two messages. The first focused on price, the second on the fact a van was available within 15 minutes of the customer’s call.

The 15-minute convenience message won by a multiple of seven times – that’s seven times better return for the same effort.

Another great example of the brand connection challenge is when you type in the keyword “car insurance,” one of the most popular searchers on Google Australia.

Here you find some of the biggest brands competing for your attention. The first two listings focus on comparison and choice, two more on price and discount, two focus on quotes, one on service and one on credentials.

Each message appeals to different customer needs.

In competitive markets, focusing on keywords and clicks will deliver diminishing returns.

If you want better quality leads, better quality customers, here is what you need to do:

  • Stop focusing on keywords, start focusing on market segments.
  • Stop focusing on functional metrics, focus on connecting with the consumer need.
  • Access webmaster tools and benchmark your current brand connectionrates.
  • Implement new advertisements and page titles on your most important web pages this afternoon.


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