Bridging The Gap Between Agency and Client

When you’re working for a company, it’s easy to become a fixture in your chosen office.

Within no time you’re part of the company culture and the mechanics of every day become ingrained with little to no thought.

A sense of harmony with the day’s idiosyncrasy takes root, it’s almost like workplace muscle memory.


But what about when you not only carry the methods of your workplace, but have to understand a variety of other workplaces and how they work too?

Sounds impossible right? Welcome to Agency life.

In any agency environment, whether you’re in digital marketing, recruitment, hospitality etc. the success of your work is dependent on understanding the wants, needs and intricacies of the company you are working on behalf of.

While it is exciting to work with interesting and diverse clients, here are some things you should always keep in mind to close any gaps that may arise due to lack of unity.

  1. Knowledge is power: Understanding what your patron company does is absolutely crucial. Be sure to get into the crux of their work by taking time to visit their manufacturing space and truly understand what it is they do. This way you’ll be able to properly comprehend their work and take the appropriate steps thereafter in meeting their needs. Furthermore, it really leaves a lasting impression on your clients when you take a genuine interest in what they do.
  2. Keep communication consistent: Agency life can leave “agents” feeling spread thin due to the numerous clients they have to deal with on a daily basis. However despite this, keeping in contact with clients on a regular basis is extremely important to not only stay abreast with information but also to build rapport and trust amongst the two of you. Even a weekly call can make a huge difference as you may gain new insights into the client’s up and coming projects and better serve their ambitions.
  3. Be honest: If you’ve perhaps done something wrong with a client’s account and the results are rather terrible, be sure not to sweep it under the rug. Client’s value honesty and integrity, even if you’ve stuffed up, they’d definitely appreciate it rather than being lied to beyond the point of repair. Like any relationship, the agent and client must have theirs built on trust. We’ve found that the best means of dealing with difficult situations like this is to call the client as soon as possible, let them know and then also have some backup plans lined up to pitch thereafter. Honesty is the best policy.


While the three points above may seem pretty obvious, they’re the core issues that arise in every agency environment too busy to communicate to the very people they’re working for.

How these points will be translated into your workplace will differ from agency to agency.

Perhaps more systemic initiatives will have to take place regarding reporting, or more lunches may need to be booked with clients.

No matter what, follow these three points and you’re likely to develop the type of business relationship that lasts for years to come.


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