Choose keywords that will make your pay per click campaign sparkle

Staging a pay per click advertising campaign may be crucial to the success of your website, and consequently, your business. When utilised in combination with a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, PPC ads are a quick and effective way of attracting visitors to your website. Not only do these ads begin working promptly, they are also a form of targeted advertising, which allows you to deliver advertising to people who actually might want to see what you have to offer. However, in order to have a profitable pay per click campaign, you must first figure out who you are targeting, and how best to reach them.

When writing the title and copy for your PPC ads, you must embed keywords relevant to your ad and to the landing page your ad will direct users to. These keywords will be indexed by search engine crawlers, or spiders, and will aid in telling those spiders what your ad is about and who should be seeing them. Therefore, choosing keywords is arguably the most important step in developing a pay per click campaign.

SEO rankings and your website

The first thing you should do when selecting keywords is to brainstorm.  Just get a pen, a piece of paper (or a computer, if that’s your preference), and think of all the words or phrases that might describe your business. Include brand names, your company name, descriptions of your products or services, or anything else you think a customer might think of when they search for your company or whatever your company is offering to the public. It is essential that during this step you get into the minds of your target audience; you want to be able to reach the greatest amount of people possible with the least amount of keywords, and this means your keywords must be the right ones.

After brainstorming, take advantage of a keyword research tool such as the one offered by Google to obtain data about your potential keywords and suggestions for related keywords and phrases. After weeding out completely inappropriate keywords, go through whatever is left and decide which have the best statistics and the least amount of competition. Resist the urge to choose the most popular keywords; although these are appealing because they are searched very often, you can be sure they are being used by a very large number of your competitors, which will drive up your costs and make visitors to your website less likely.

Aim for one to two keywords per page, and try to keep a consistent keyword theme across all the pages of your website. Also, keep in mind that search engines differentiate between singular and plural keywords, so you must optimise for each one independently of the other.

Pay per click campaigns can be an integral part of your company’s marketing strategy, but you must first do your research. Choosing keywords is not an easy process, but if done right, it will have its rewards.

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