Choosing a top SEO company: 5 tips for the SEO newbie

Finding an SEO company shouldn’t be hard, it’s choosing from all the prospects that is difficult. If you Google ‘SEO company,’ you’ll be presented with about 19,900,000 options, which can be intimidating even for those who have some experience with searching for an SEO services company. Before selecting a search engine optimisation company, do a little research about the basics of SEO, so you won’t feel completely adrift when you attempt to understand the qualities that make for a good SEO. A good place to start your study is with’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

After you’ve learned a little about search engine optimisation, you’ll be able to understand these tips for how to find a qualified and reputable SEO service.

1.    Find someone you click with.
While this may seem like a strange choice for first tip on the list, it’s here for a reason. Outsourcing SEO may be necessary for the health of your company website, but that doesn’t mean you should have to work with people you don’t get along with. Some people just aren’t meant to work together, and a defective working relationship can lead to substandard results.

2.    Tech-savvy SEOs make life a lot easier.
If the SEO company you contract has an understanding of the technology behind web development, they will be much better equipped to optimise your site effectively. An SEO’s ability to catch imperfections in web design that may be interfering with optimal optimisation will save you time and money.

3.    Does your SEO have excellent analytic skills?
A very large part of SEO is being able to read data and make sense of it. Analytics programs track data pertaining to the visitors to your website and might even deliver it to you in handy reports, but the real skill lies in the ability to look at that data and form a plan to make your website more searchable.

4.    An SEO needs to understand that solid design should form the foundation of an SEO strategy.
SEO cannot exist independently of high-quality web design; in fact, poor web design has the potential to undermine any optimisation done apart from design elements. An appealing and effective web design that is user-friendly is at the core of optimisation; without a site that is worthy of being looked at, there is really no point in optimising.

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