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Electronics market

Computing Electronics

It seems our lives are permanently glued to a screen of some sort, searching for something. This week we look into the computing electronics sector to see which companies are getting the most clicks from Google and where the opportunities lie. The three search terms we used were:

  1. Computers
  2. Tablets
  3. Mobile Phones

The Data

Our sample website this week is online consumer electronics superstore

kogan logo

The Kogan website has grown remarkably since launching in 2006, selling everything from computers to televisions, home appliances and personal products.

In 2014 Kogan generated revenues of more than $300 million. This growth was off the back of a staggering 200 per cent to 300 per cent annual revenue increase since inception.

But despite this obvious success, good market penetration and broad brand awareness, Kogan is failing to attract the click volumes of its major competitors when consumers search for big ticket gadgets on Google.

Our report shows Kogan languishing behind the likes of Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi and even Officeworks when it comes to attracting clicks from people shopping for computers, tablets and mobile phones on Google.

And ignoring this Google search traffic could be costing Kogan dearly. Our data shows more than 160,000 clicks are going elsewhere every month as people shopping for computers, tablets and mobile phones are landing on competitors’ websites first.

Our first graph shows Kogan is grabbing a tiny percentage of clicks from people searching for computers on Google and that a major opportunity is available to grow its market share by more than 14,000 clicks per month.

Breakdown of computer competitors pie chart Kogan's estimated traffic for computers

The Opportunities

Not only does Market Snapshot show a company’s search traffic results, it reveals how their competition is tracking in the same market.

The total website traffic for all three products demonstrates that JB Hi-Fi is the market leader with 15.82% of all Google clicks. In second place, Harvey Norman is trailing with 8.39%, while Dick Smith comes in third with 6.56%.

Kogan, by comparison, is getting a meagre 800 clicks per month or 0.28% of the market. It’s worth mentioning that JB Hi-Fi ranks in the top two for all three categories.

Interestingly, techradar, a news and review site, ranks eight with more than 5000 clicks per month. Kogan could use this as a partnership or advertising opportunity to increase traffic to its website.

Total search volume brakdown Estimated traffic breakdown

The data clearly demonstrates that there are major opportunities for Kogan to increase the volume of website clicks from people searching for tablets, computers and mobile phones on Google.

As it stands, Kogan receives less than 1% of a potential 290,000 clicks. If Kogan ranked number one, more than 90,000 new clicks could be heading to its website every month.

The Segment Competition score shows that all segments are highly competitive. The score is rated between zero and 1 based on an assessment of the level of the competition on Google for the keywords entered and the top 25 other keywords most relevant to the search. The higher the score, the stronger the competition.

The area of most competition in this week’s example is tablets, which is sitting at a segment competition score of 0.99. Not far behind this score is mobile phones on 0.97. In third place, and still a very competitive market, is computers on 0.88.

Main services breakdown

The Verdict

In three easy steps, Market Snapshot can provide valuable insights for any business into who the major players are in their markets, where the biggest growth opportunities lie and how they shift their marketing efforts to get fast results.

Step 1: Enter you keywords

Step 2: Generate the report

Step 3: Fill out your contact details

Visit the Market Snapshot website to test drive our free tool. The results will be emailed to your inbox in seconds. Don’t forget to get in touch if you need help analysing the data and preparing an action plan for your business.

Our internal systems are market leading and one of a kind. They are absolutely unmatched in Australia.

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