Contextual Targeting in Google AdWords

What is AdWords Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting in Google Ad words allows pay-per-click (PPC) campaign managers to match ads to sites within Google’s display network on the basis of relevance to keywords or ad groups within their ad campaigns. Contextual targeting essentially ensures that there is a correlation between the content on that page and the advertisement.

Google’s contextual targeting tool looks at the content and structure of sites within the network and aligns relevant AdWords ads to those pages. This ensures that contextually targeted ads are relevant to visitors to the respective site within the display network and as a result, they are more likely to be clicked.

How to use contextual targeting

When setting up your ad campaign if you select to advertise on the Display Network, either with or without targeting the standard Google search, contextual targeting is automatically used.

To use the contextual targeting tool, visit the Opportunities tab and click ‘Tools’ in your Google AdWords interface. Then input the keywords you are targeting and click expand to see more, related groups of keywords.

To put these newly suggested ad groups to use you can add them manually to your campaign or otherwise you can use the AdWords Editor. Try to ensure that the ad group you upload is targeted at the Display Network only and not at Google Search, as this may limit the effectiveness of your search ad campaign.

You can use contextual targeting by keyword or by topic and ads can be even more targeted by excluding specific websites or site types using the exclusion function in your Google AdWords account. This might be relevant if you don’t want to advertise on  a competitors site or affiliates of competitors or other sites you feel are not beneficial to your business.

Contextual Targeting can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your online campaign

Using contextual targeting can help to deliver greater accuracy to the Display Network portion of your AdWords campaign with relatively little effort as your ads will only be shown to a relative audience. It’s also a useful tool for people new to AdWords as it can expand the scope of their advertising campaign by identifying search terms that you might not otherwise target. This can have considerable benefit beyond your AdWords campaign as these keywords can also be applied to your search engine optimization campaign, which can deliver greater numbers of organic visitors to your site. This should ultimately allow you to either reduce your AdWords spend or increase sales, depending on what your objectives are.

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