Conversion Optimisation

Grow your business in 2014 without having to work so hard.

To improve the performance of your website, you could increase your websites traffic by 100%, possibly doubling your conversions. But it would take at least 6 months to achieve this increase organically or you would need to spend double your current marketing budget – neither of which are an attractive option.

So what is going to actually increase your performance? Below are some examples of methods to increase your sites conversion performance.

Take advantage of your Mobile Traffic.

For the last couple of years, every business with a website has seen an increase in mobile device traffic. It is important to consider the driving factors for why your visitor is viewing your website on a mobile device. If their reasons for visiting your site are largely driven by a need to enquire or purchase, you need to ensure the experience assists them and doesn’t hinder them from this action in any way.

A mobile experience built with this in mind can see massive increases in acquisition of conversions, as seen below:

Consider Conversion Optimisation?

Begin by always ensuring that your website is setup with a goal in mind. This can be a completion of a form, a phone call, purchase online, or as simple as visitors to an important page. Using data analysing tools such as Google Analytics, means that you can begin measuring the effectiveness and flow of your website in completing these conversions. By measuring and understanding your visitors and data, you can make informed actions in improving the performance of your conversion rate.

An example of this is seen below, where it was measured that visitors where leaving the website because the information they needed was not presented clearly enough. By improving the exposure of these information sources at the correct time, the client’s website increased its conversion rate by 166%.

Targeted search that is ready to convert

It is well documented that on average paid traffic is more inclined to convert. By creating targeted ad campaigns online with pages that are created specifically for conversion – you can experience conversion rates which far exceed the expected. In some cases, traffic driven from paid sources can convert as high as 20%. To get these results, you need to ensure that the experience is tailored to the traffic with minimal distractions.

Your website can achieve this to a certain degree, but tailored pages suited to the traffic that evolve towards a conversion rate goal are a better solution.

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