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Quality Copywriting Vital For SEO in 2011

Google has earmarked improving the quality of search results as key in 2011. In February of 2011, the search giant announced that algorithmic changes would ensure low quality sites would see rankings drop. Quality is a key measure for Google now, so a quality copywriting service is a wise investment for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia looking to distinguish themselves from lesser quality competition.

This algorithmic change came into force in all English speaking countries in April 2011, as confirmed here by Google. So the phrase ‘Content is king’ takes on added relevance and investing in quality copywriting services provides an opportunity to quickly set apart your website as a professional-looking and quality site.

Website content has to appeal to two key audiences – your target market and Google (or other search engines). Your online marketing or SEO strategy, if successfully maintained leads to better rankings, better visibility amongst your target market and ultimately more sales.

Writing Copy To Impress Your Target Market

Web copy that is relevant to your target audience and likely to make them come back for more ensures that your website maintains a steady flow of repeat traffic, which in Google’s eyes makes your website, and hence your business, something of an authority in your industry. This leads to better rankings, which in turn leads to increased traffic – it’s a simple interdependent three-step relationship which if managed appropriately, can add exponential value to your website and thus your business.

1.    Interesting, fresh content improves your rankings through return visits
2.    Great rankings lead to significant increases your website traffic
3.    Increases in visitors (or popularity) who read riveting, engaging and relevant content ensures the cycle continues – so adding fresh content regularly makes perfect sense.

You may benefit in copywriting targeting individual locations such as: Brisbane SEO strategiesPerth Search Marketing programs or Australia-wide depending on your market demographic.

Copywriting To Impress Google

First off, fresh content grabs Google’s attention every time they index a site – that’s the premise on which news websites rank so highly, they’re web content changes daily or even hourly for the biggest news websites. Now that Google has a more advanced algorithm for evaluating content, poor web content or poor sites in general are going to suffer.

Secondly, to put your business in the eyes of people who WANT to see it, is vital to ensuring your popularity and relevance grows. This is where the SEO process comes in. Discovering the relevant keywords and search phrases used by your target market is the first step. Placing these terms and phrases in your website content in a natural free-flowing way ensures your site is more likely to rank well for relevant search terms and attract the kind of audience that finds your site interesting.

It is also advised, by us and other web experts, not to try selling your business on every inch of your website. That in-your-face sales approach scares people off. As consumers we are already apprehensive about the internet – specifically online scam-artists, con-men and spam peddlers. Differentiate yourself from that kind of internet garbage by offering information and advice relevant to your industry – your customers will trust you for it, and if they trust you they are more likely to buy from you than from the site that screams “SPECIAL OFFER”, “BUY NOW”, or “LIMITED OFFER!” A subtle, persuasive approach to marketing your product works much more successfully in the long run.

Attract the right visitors by using keyword-rich content relevant to your target market

Attracting the right visitors, (those who are likely to return) has the knock-on effect of telling Google you are a relevant source of information for a given search term. This prompts Google to consider you relevant for similar search terms and this in turn leads to increased traffic. Increased traffic (or popularity) as we know, leads to more people reading your fresh, relevant content and thus maintains the cycle of keeping you at the top so you can continue to grow your online presence.

Keep your language simple and direct. Searchers aren’t trying to experience your service or product online – they just want a taste of what your business is about and why you are better than your competitors. Over-exuberant, long-winded language is boring and ineffective – web searchers want fast, punchy, direct and to-the-point information, SO GIVE IT TO THEM (in a well-structured, grammatically accurate and keyword-rich way ideally!)

Remember, keyword-rich content increases rankings and relevance which increases traffic. Fresh, relevant and interesting content builds trust and popularity, which improves rankings and ensures the cycle is maintained. It’s really quite simple.

To get compelling, intelligent, keyword-rich content that targets the right audience and encourages them to buy from you, turn to the experts at – we know how to put your business and website first with professional SEO copywriting services!

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