Copywriting tips to optimise your pay per click ads

Ad Copy Should Address How You Meet Customer Needs

Everything in today’s world needs to be delivered quickly. There’s fast food, overnight shipping, text messaging, and there are even rush orders on dry cleaning. With all this emphasis on instant results and speedy service, it’s no wonder that online paid advertising depends on concise copy and conveying a message in as few words as possible.

There are no pay per click secrets; like any advertisement, it is crucial to keep in mind the needs of the customer, the needs of your company, and how you can fulfill all those needs. The major difference between PPC and traditional advertising is that you must communicate with your audience in as few as 95 characters; not words, but characters. In order to attract customers with your PPC ads, you need to say something good, and you need to say it quick.

While some may think that a PPC ad’s inherent succinctness makes it a cinch to write, the opposite is actually true; since there is so little space, pay per click ads must be written, rewritten, tested, and refined until they are the perfect diminutive conveyances for a company’s much larger message. There are several methods of pay per click optimization, all of which aid in driving traffic to your site and making it more profitable for your business. Conveying the correct message to your target audience is a skill many professional copywriters can and have mastered.

How Do I increase my Search Engine Traffic using SEO?

Pay per click ads appear alongside relevant organic search results, or within the pages of sites on a search engine’s content network. In addition, PPC ads can appear on websites that generate revenue by displaying the advertisements of other businesses. No matter where your ads appear, though, your ad copy needs to be tightly focused, well-written, and should have the potential to convert.

First, you need to consider what the searcher will be looking for when they enter a particular keyword. For example, if you are optimising your ad for the key phrase “best mattress”, that person is probably in the market for a new mattress. The best way to attract their attention might be to express in a headline that your company is having a blowout sale on mattresses.

Resist the temptation to try to sell a particular brand or item in every ad; reserve that type of detail for ads optimised for a brand name. The purpose of ad copy is to answer the questions of the searcher who is looking for what you’re offering, not to try to sell something to them; the landing page your ad links to is where sales tactics come in.

When writing ad copy, attempt to get into the minds of your potential customers. Envision what they may be looking for, and then provide that for them. Like I mentioned earlier, there are no pay per click secrets you need to know before writing strong copy; you need to understand the customers’ needs and respond accordingly.

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