Creative vs. Analytical: Can You Be Both?

It’s often been said that creativity is the enemy to analytical thinking.

It’s also been said that the two can in no way be reconciled.

You’re either or, you’re intuitive or reasonable.

You simply cannot embrace both.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to recognise that the advancements in digital marketing over the last few years have thrust requirements and responsibilities on the new age marketer, forcing them to adapt to the tides of change.

One cannot simply be a specialist in their field, but must dabble in a variety of areas and sometimes that means being an artist and a scientist.

So how does one who loves illustrating content for Instagram also engage in Google analytics to monitor their performance?


Here are some tips.’

Drop the fallacy: While most people tend to argue that someone is more right brain (creative) than left (analytical), no science has been produced that states humans have a propensity for one side rather than the other.

In fact, most cognitive activity requires both sides to work as one and that includes viewing reports or speaking in another language.

Hence, the first step is to stop believing the lie and understand that these two hemispheres are not mutually exclusive.


Be the keen bean: With the previous point in mind, you should be excited that you actually are a genius who can do anything you put your mind to.

Be a keen bean and start embracing activities and tasks that require you to be both creative and analytical, because in all honesty, you can succeed at both. If you love going through analytics, then why not try sitting in on a creative brainstorm for social media.

Maybe even take up painting on the weekends to strengthen that creative muscle. If you believe that you can balance both creativity and analytics, you’re halfway there.


Partner with a mentor/specialist: So now that you understand that you have the potential to excel in both arenas, it’s time to strengthen your skills in any areas you have neglected.

Approach a mentor who has the skill set that you need to improve on personally and allow them to guide you on a journey of how they fulfil their tasks which “oppose” your current skill set.

At ROI, we make it a point to have every kind of specialist take part in group meetings to provide a different perspective and also support the other staff with their knowledge.

Ensuring you’re under the tutelage of a pro is a surefire way to enhance your abilities.


Create a schedule and stick to it: Now that you know you can do whatever you put your mind to, you have to actually do it…. even if you don’t feel like it.

Strengthening that “opposing” muscle is all about making sure you exercise it daily.

While you may not like to look at the stats of your creative work and how well it’s performing, set a schedule that you have to adhere to where you practice your analytics as well as your creativity on a daily basis.

The more disciplined you are and put those “feels” aside, the more you’ll improve your skill set regardless of motivation.


With all these things in mind, remember that you’re a digital marketer that has the potential to be a great all-rounder.

It’s just about believing it and making sure you’re doing both creative and analytical activities on a regular basis!



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