Cross Device Optimisation Using Google Analytics

Google Enhanced campaigns have arrived and as a direct result many business owners are curious as to why the search engine giant has placed such a high importance on offering a mobile friendly website.

The facts are that the average Australian carries three mobile devices with them throughout the day. During these periods they will complete a whole range of informational searches, with a common reason being to validate a purchase decision.

Up until now search marketers and business owners have struggled to pinpoint the ROI presented from offering an enjoyable mobile experience. As a direct result many have tended to avoid the opportunity, potentially forgoing an entire pool of customers.

This lack of clarity should soon be a thing of the past as Google Adwords (via Google Analytics) have released three new multi device reports that will transform the level of insight and decision process around the importance of mobile.

The three new reports and snippets of what you can expect to see when this feature is rolled out is highlighted below.

Device Overlap Reports:

Segment users & outcomes by device combinations 

*Image sourced from Google I/O 2013

Device Path Reports:

Understand which devices are used at particular stages of the purchase process, and in which specific order.

*Image sourced from Google I/O 2013

Acquisition Source Reports:

Recognize the user acquisition value by device

*Image sourced from Google I/O 2013

If you’re sitting there thinking “that this all good and well, but how does new feature benefit me?” here are some advantages of multi-device attribution.

  • Bid top of page for device specific keywords that are leading to a conversion down the path
  • Remarket to those users who have clicked on your mobile keyword that has resulted in leads
  • Reduce wastage on those keywords that are attracting researchers but no sales.
  • Attribute the initial conversion interaction to the mobile device

With this level of insight soon to be available to all analytics users there will undoubtedly be a rush of advertisers looking to offer a mobile friendly solution, such comes the need for device centric keyword selection, ad copy and ultimately a strong mobile website.

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