What is CTR?

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Short Answer: CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It measures the ratio of people who click on a Google Ad as a proportion of the total number of people who view the ad. CTR is a great way to gauge how relevant and engaging an advertisement is to a specific audience.

Five Tips for a great CTR  

Increasing your CTR is vital. Increasing CTR, increases website traffic and it makes the traffic you receive cheaper.  Rather than focusing on hitting a certain CTR, focus on a CTR that is consistently improving. Here are a few tips to help you along the way to achieving a great CTR.

Tip 1: Test a range of different Calls to Action

Tip 2: Mix up your special offer statements  

Tip 3: Include a closing date on your special offers (this will create a sense of urgency)

Tip 4: Include Keywords in your display URL (Something along the lines of ‘October Special’ or the product name)

Tip 5: Check out what your competitors are writing and offer something unique 

The above tips will give you an idea of how your customer thinks about your service or product and what engages them. Remember, the more you can engage with your audience the more they will click on your advertisement and the better your CTR will become.

Image by Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter


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