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Established in 2009 with an aim to meet all aspects of Australia’s diverse travel culture, New Age Caravans lost no time in emerging as a leader in building top-quality caravans. With over 30 layout options ranging from compact to deluxe models, New Age has options for any budget, all of them produced to the highest of standards for durability, utility and comfort. Though widely imitated since its emergence as an innovator, New Age has remained at the forefront of Australia’s caravan industry.


New Age Big Red Caravan


Being a leader in one’s field is not without its challenges. By 2015, New Age had many competitors with inferior but often cheaper options, and its wide range of options made it tricky for potential buyers to find the right model for their interests and budgets. Driving home the unique value of their products was often complicated by the sheer breadth of unique selling points they offered. In short, New Age Caravans were in danger of becoming a victim of their own success. They offered the best quality and the highest value, but how to make that clear to their would-be buyers?



At ROI, we strive to bring our clients’ unique advantages to the attention of their target audiences. Upon reviewing New Age Caravans’ website, we concluded that there was room for improvement in impressing upon caravan buyers that theirs were the best and why.

Also, given the very wide variety of options offered by New Age, an easy way for consumers to navigate among the models and determine which was right for them would also be highly beneficial. With visuals offering a greater emphasis upon the durable, comfortable and attractive interiors, we aimed to make it clear that New Age Caravans offered the best value for consumers as well as the most options.



Since road trips are a major part of the Australian lifestyle, we opted to frame New Age Caravans as not only the best producer of caravans, but as a lifestyle Australians would be proud to join. Offering an entreaty to, “Picture Yourself Living the New Age Lifestyle,” we laid the groundwork for an online community in which caravan owners could share photographs and stories of the adventures from travelling around Australia in their New Age caravans.

Of course, the first step toward joining that desirable community is to find the right caravan for you, and with such a wide variety of New Age products to choose from, that prospect could be daunting. That’s why we outfitted New Age’s new website with an interactive feature in which prospective buyers could learn which option was right for them. With options presented based on the type of traveller they were, the size of their family, and the conditions in which they would be driving, sleeping and storing their caravan.

We enabled consumers to narrow their choices down to an easily manageable number of options. We also provided a 3D virtual walk-through of each model, offering a close look at the interiors. Last but not least, we provided easy online access to New Age’s already-existing Australia-wide network of dealers, ensuring that buyers could find the nearest one to them with minimal effort.

New Age Caravan Website Design by
Screenshot of the virtual 3D Walk-through available on New Age Caravans website



With a dedicated team of web designers and online marketing specialists, we had a prototype website ready in a matter of weeks. After meeting with the New Age team and getting their approval, we liaised with them to get all the specs, online tours and unique selling propositions of each model in order. About two months after our initial meeting with New Age, we had every option for every caravan in place, and a fully-functional site that provided each buyer with the right caravan option and an easy link to the nearest dealer.



The first month has seen a 39% increase in sessions, a nearly-as-large increase in new users, and an 11% drop in bounce rate. It has been conversions that have noticed the biggest improvement with completed conversions up an incredible 225% and a conversion rate increase of 133%.

Our emphasis on New Age’s quality and diversity of options, and on helping buyers find the perfect caravan for them, has clearly hit its mark as average length of stay on the site is up 35% (suggesting that consumers are taking more time to explore the options available). The new website has been a smashing success by all numerical measures, and we couldn’t be prouder of all those involved in the process.


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