Dealing With Common SEO Objections – Part 2

This is a continuation of some of the common SEO objections that SEO agencies come up against with potential clients. We will continue to review objections below, providing a rough guide to handling them and turning them around so that it is a win for your company.

3. We're Already on the Search Engines –this objection will come in one of two forms. This could lead into them saying that their website is right at the top when they look for it in the search engine results or they will say that they are already number 1 (but in the premier sponsored link positions on the left hand side of the screen).

If the client is stating that they rank for a range of arbitrary phrases or for business name related phrases, then point out that if someone is typing in the business name this is indicative of perhaps a repeat visitor or someone who is already aware of the product / service. Demonstrate the importance of ranking highly in the SERPs for targeted keywords that have been identified as being highly searched and relevant to the client’s business offering and target market.

If the client is indicating that they rank already, in the sponsored listings you are one step closer to converting them straight away. Why? Because at least this client understands that online marketing is important, especially if their bid strategy is what ensures the number 1 positioning in the sponsored listings.

Try to break down for the client what the SEO costs are relative to the PPC budget that is already being spent. Talk about the asset value of SEO vs. the recurring cost aspect of PPC.

4. We're Already Doing SEO – if you are looking at a site that has massive gaps in its SEO strategy and you are being told that the company is already doing SEO, this may be a way of getting rid of you, or they are really doing it but they have no idea what they are doing. It is important to tread carefully here, because it could be the IT guy doing the SEO and the IT guy is the boss’ son!

Ascertain what the existing strategy is, who is doing the SEO and try to indicate how your SEO agency could provide value in the current situation. Certainly, you have no desire to take away the IT guy’s job, but then again, his job is IT and you do not want to mess with IT expertise. Indicate that your expertise is SEO, which is very different from IT and you would be pleased to collaborate with the IT guy. Try to create a win-win situation rather than ostracizing any parties.

5. We Do Not Need SEO, Our Brand is Strong – if a client sells a number of brands and the website is already appearing highly in the search results for those brand names, that is fantastic.

But how many people just search on brand? What about all the people who cannot remember the brand or are simply not familiar with it, are they clients the company does not wish to have?

The truth is, all websites could do with a little bit of SEO, to make the search experience more friendly, help searchers find relevant results and of course for businesses to increase their bottom line on the search engines – the most used resource to research purchase decisions.

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