What is the difference between Conversions and Converted Clicks?


What is the difference between conversions and converted clicks?


Conversions are the total number of desired outcomes completed on your website which occurred through your Google Ad (online sale, phone call, subscribing, enquiry, etc.).

A customer clicks on a Google Ad and buys a pair of jeans then before leaving the site buys a T-Shirt; this will be measured as 2 conversions.


Converted clicks are the number of clicks on an ad that lead to the conversion outcome.

A customer clicks on a Google Ad and it leads to the buying of an item, a newsletter subscription and enquiry in the same visit; this will be measured as 1 converted click as it was one click on the ad that lead to a number of conversions.

Google Conversion



  • Use converted clicks to measure conversions with enquiries, phone calls, subscribing because it will give an accurate conversion number as it is too common for these types of conversions to create multiple numbers due to processing duplications.
  • Use conversions with online sales as it will accurately measure the amount of items sold and it is rare (if the sales platform is set up properly) that a processing duplicate will occur.






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