DIY Social Media Leaderboard

Although you’re probably equipped with our downloadable social media calendar, sometimes having a physical leaderboard to quickly glance over is helpful to remind you of how your social media pages are tracking.
But instead of wasting paper on printing out a new board every week, why not take a single page out of our craft book and create a reusable board of your own! All you need is…

  • A print out of our leaderboard template (download it here!)
  • An A4 picture frame with a glass front
  • Whiteboard markers of your choice

Simply fit the template into the frame and use the whiteboard markers to label follower gains or losses. You can then rub it out whenever you want to clear the board!
Below are some pictures to help guide you in the process.





We’re sure you’ll get plenty out of this item and more from our up and coming blog posts. Add us on Instagram to get updates and tips on social media marketing.


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