Do Not Forget Your SEO Basics

The search engine optimisation industry moves so quickly that sometimes, agencies and clients find themselves so wrapped up in the latest big thing or SEO trend, that they overlook some of the basics in the strategy. It is important to ensure that your foundations are strong and that certain, perhaps repetitive and somewhat tedious tasks are not overlooked. For example, how is your internal linking strategy? Are you actively finding linking opportunities every time you add a page to the website, or do you find yourself with hundreds of pages that could be interlinked but have not been looked into for months?

The key, as it is to most things, is to keep your search engine optimisation strategy simple and to implement those plans that, when they were planned 6 months ago, seemed so exciting. What follows is a list of some of the elements that can be easily overlooked over time in an SEO strategy.

The benefits of ROI’s SEO Services

Update Quality Content Regularly – Whether this is through a corporate blog or by adding pages to your website, ensure that you are adding authoritative content to your website on a regular basis. This will only improve your visibility in the online space. Ensure that you do this according to a set schedule instead of dumping a large amount of content over a short period of time because you realise you haven’t done so in a while.

Refine Your Keyword List – Just because you have targeted 10 keywords for your search engine optimisation strategy does not mean that these keywords will be the sole traffic drivers to your website. Over time, as you track your website analytics you should identify further keyword opportunities to increase your positioning in the SERPs and drive traffic to your site.

Remember Blended Search – You should optimise your site for at least one form of blended search, so that you can be found alternatively in the search engines. This could be as simple as image or blog optimisation.

HTML SiteMap Should be Updated – When you add new content to your site, ensure to update your HTML sitemap.

Optimise Meta Data & Page Titles – Make sure to give your important pages keyword rich titles and meta description tags. Remember that by optimising these two elements you are helping the engines understand what you are trying to communicate on your pages. Bear in mind too that every single page cannot have the same page title because what you are ultimately telling the engines is that each page is the same.

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