Doing your SEO in-house vs. outsourcing it


SEO. Yes, we said it. Don’t run, or panic, or cry your eyes out at the thought. Face it, SEO is an industry that’s been amongst the fastest growing for many years now. (Some) Companies have realised that quality SEO is the only way to grow traffic to their website and cultivate business, even when marketing budgets are small. The result of this has been added investment into SEO, as well as a growing population of consultancy agencies mushrooming throughout the world. As companies begin to integrate SEO into their marketing scheme, they are faced with important business decisions like whether to build an in-house SEO team, or outsource the work to a specialist agency.

There is no right or wrong answer, and that in itself is the dilemma. The right answer often lies in:

  • evaluation of the kind of work needed to be done
  • what in-house talent you currently have
  • capacity to handle all the work needed to be done


  • cost of building a team vs. fees charged by an SEO agency

Because this is a serious dilemma for any business with growth expectation, we decided to explore the pros and cons of rather a business should outsource SEO work vs. investing in an in-house team.


Pros: In-House SEO Cons: In-House SEO
  • Your team knows more about your business  and market, so, in theory, your SEO efforts can be better aligned to your  overall marketing plans
  • Full control over your SEO strategies and their execution. Discussions and decision-making transitioning a lot smoother because your team is aligned with the rest of the organization
  • A complete focus on your website’s SEO
  • Depending on your site’s size, the market competitiveness, and the ability of who you hire, an in-house team can sometimes be less expensive than outsourcing your SEO
  • SEO is constantly changing, so your SEO always needs to be on top of current trends. And unless you’re investing in constant learning, with an in-house team, your knowledge-base can soon get stale and out-dated
  • With an in-house team, there is a lot of analysis and hands-on work needed, which can be quite time-consuming in terms of industry trends and implementing them onto your site
  • Business pressures and ‘time tugs’ can also sometimes put focus on other activities other than SEO
  • You need to make investments in analysis, tracking and campaign management tools with in house SEO, which can be quite expensive
  • The in-house team you build for SEO needs to be all parts technical, content, linking and user experience – as well as competent in all aspects of SEO
  • Limitations in the expertise of your in-house team will determine how good or bad your site’s SEO is



Pros: Outsourcing SEO Cons: Outsourcing SEO
  • Since the agency does only SEO it can stay up-to-date with changes in search engine algorithms. This means strategies far more aligned with the changing SEO landscape.
  • Advantage of experience working with a many clients. The learning, knowledge and experience of working with different situations can bring more insight into your campaign
  • Freedom from time, pressure and cost needed to build, maintain, train and retain a highly skilled in house team
  • With outsourced SEO services, you get a team to work on your project without the associated overhead costs of hiring, space, infrastructure, etc.
  • With an expert team working on your project, the  chances of results being achieved sooner are much greater


  • With some businesses, an outsourced SEO agency can get extremely expensive; much more so than doing the SEO yourself.
  • The threat of getting less attention from an agency because they’ll be working on other SEO projects, as well.
  • Not all SEO agencies are trustworthy in terms of practicing white hat (Google friendly) SEO techniques.


So should you outsource your SEO work or not?

That’s up to you. Maybe we’re a little biased, because we are indeed an SEO agency. But at the same time, we love what we do and know that the quality of our work is measured in outstanding results. So the ultimate decision lies within you.  Being able to properly weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing vs. building, training and maintaining an in-house team is vital to budget, time and results. At days end, it’s up to you. But we will close by saying that the right agency should be able to provide you with the service of a team, for the cost of just one in-house team member.


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