Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just a SEO Report

Fear of analytics is a common ailment in online marketing, but the reasoning behind this fear is flawed. Many SEO beginners take one look at and SEO audit and run to the nearest phone to hire a professional. While contracting a professional SEO might be a good move for your online marketing campaign, there is no excuse for you not to be able to read an analytics report, at least on a basic level. Understanding the figures that will tell you how your site is performing is a crucial cog in the machinery of a successful website.

One of online marketing’s greatest advantages is that it is completely measurable. The behavior of a web user is traceable from the moment he gets online till he signs off. The search patterns of every web user who comes to your site can help you determine the best way to market your products and services and the website itself to attract new visitors.

There are many products and companies out there that help to monitor the performance of websites. These analytics tools can help a great deal, but are not always in the cards, especially for a smaller company with a respectively undersized marketing budget. Until you have enough funds for a private analytics firm—or even if you already have an independent contractor monitoring your SEO campaign—there are free online tools to help you observe the progress of your online marketing program.

Google Analytics is one such tool, and it’s probably the most well known and most often used. Google Analytics is perfect for a beginner because Google is always so mindful of the varying levels of each web user’s skill level when it comes to analytics. Every step, from researching SEO keywords to implementing advanced SEO techniques, is covered by Google’s definitions, tutorials, and illustrated instructions. Not only does Google direct you on how to use their tools, there is also helpful information about SEO in general.

Although it may be tempting to run for the hills when you see an SEO report that seems incomprehensible, resist the urge. As with any part of your business, it is essential that you understand at least the basics of analytics so you’re able to gauge the success (or failure, whatever the case may be) of your online marketing strategy.

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