Don’t get lost in search engine optimization mumbo jumbo?

Every day we see Google optimization projects get lost in technical mumbo jumbo and discussions about changing this meta-tag, heading tag, adding a Site Map etc. All these technical elements are important to your SEO framework, but are there some more obvious and easy changes you can make that will have the biggest improvement on your website traffic?

Here are some easy SEO changes which are proven to quickly positively impact your SEO traffic

  • Change content to have equal skew of singular and plural keywords. If you are ranking well for the singular it’s easy to rank well for the plural and vice versa
  • Change the order of your content, so if you are ranking well for “Melbourne accommodation” start ranking well for Accommodation in Melbourne
  • Look for some easy misspellings. Google does pick up most misspelling today, but there are still quick wins available here by reading your Analytics data
  • If you are targeting Australian customers add the word Australia and the word “online” to your content, both of these keywords threads are proven to provide qualified traffic  across most industries.

SEO does not have to be rocket science, so be tactical and be prepared to invest the time into Search Marketing programs and modifying your content to positively increase your traffic and enjoy online success.

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