Dream BIG on web marketing but focus small

Dream BIG on web marketing but focus small

(how even big companies have to re-orient themselves to a zero-ego state and give importance even to small customers…and also that irrespective of size, everyone’s URL is in lowercase)

Dream Big Focus Small

Having a big dream is exciting and living it is even better. Big dreams need ‘bigger strategies’ to thrive. However if it takes too much time to build processes to capitalise on these strategies, small competitors can seize small business opportunities within your targeted customers, and that can add up to big losses for your business. If this happens regularly, you might have to dunk your big strategies in favour of small measures that effectively and quickly neutralise small competition. Often businesses can, by thinking big, get overwhelmed by multiplicity of details, complexity of assumptions and consumer behaviour forecasts and get ‘process-paralysed’ . This can cause fatal delays and even worse short cut approaches that may ‘short circuit’ plans easily. There is no magic strategy nor is there a crystal ball for succeeding in every business move. Always remember just one simple lesson: Think Big and Focus Small.

Focusing Small=Tactical Planning

Thinking big deals while devising the larger picture (vision) and the overall strategic design; it answers the "what do I want" question. On the other hand, focusing small is about doing the required tactical planning. This answers the vital "how do I accomplish it" question. Great plans are accomplished by thinking through all the required tasks in detail, i.e. in small, easily implementable steps. For example if you have to start a business, you need some basic equipment and infrastructure. So it is important to think of small tactical measures like having a functional website and someone to answer the e-mail enquiries that come in, before launching a full scale advertising campaign. The idea is to be ready to answer interested C25prospects in the most popular manner (web) than cutting corners when faced with sticky situations. Entrepreneurs with big business plans often forget these common sense truths about tackling simple issues, and end up getting frustrated when things slow down or start spinning away beyond their control. It like having a snazzy Mercedes car but forgetting to have the air pressure checked only to start fuming over a flat tyre. Disillusioned, then people are ready to give up their plans, because things become too messy and complex, and people are not sure of priorities – what task(s) to handle first, and what problem(s) to tackle in the beginning. When people do muster enough courage and energy to start the clean up task, they get overburdened by the growing complications and then give up halfway. ‘Rome was not built in a day’, same is the case with big successes – they need small, logical, pre-programmed, and well executed steps.

Thinking Small is not bad

Today people equate size of business operations with status. They are worried that thinking of small steps forward could be equated with them being small. Nothing could be more harmful for future growth of any enterprise or individual. Most people can confidently and competently accomplish one thing at a time. Badly planned multitasking may prove to be counter productive for many. So instead of jumbling up five tasks simultaneously, people need to make planned efforts into one task at a time; complete it, and only then move on to further milestones. To know which small step to take for moving forward, we need to leverage four pillars of our existence: emotions, intellect, intuition, and fellow human beings. Ask yourself or an expert in your field, “what are the small steps that I need to take to deliver on my big plans?” People need to have patience as experts tend to find answers to most soul stirring questions. If you do not get any answers even after waiting for a while, it is better to ask other experienced business experts for help. Then simply do one small task at a time – and succeed big!

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