Rise in Mobile Search for roi.com.au During TV Piece

iphoneIt has been widely reported that dual device usage is increasing. For those not in the know, dual device usage in terms of Internet search refers to instances when people are on their mobile/tablets whilst watching TV/on their PC.

You yourself would be able to recall a time where you utilised two devices at once. The ability to access information is as simple as cooking toast these days, and people are taking advantage of it when it comes to researching companies and browsing for products.

Earlier this week, roi.com.au featured on Channel 7 News in Melbourne. Naturally, searches for our brand name increased dramatically:

www.roi.com.au branded search increase

What was most interesting was the increase in mobile searches coming to our site:

www.roi.com.au mobile search increase

We usually average around 40 mobile visits per day. On the day of the news piece we tripled this figure. This provides a clear example of people jumping on their mobile phones to search for our brand whilst watching us on TV.

It’s a simple situation that is absolute gold for marketers and businesses who are already prevalent on TV advertising.

The idea of prompting people to look up your website through TV advertising is something which a lot of people fail to grasp. The conception is that you have a website for people on the Internet and put out TV advertisements for people who watch TV. In reality, cross marketing between the two could be an instant sales winner.

When people do search for you on their mobiles, you want to make sure they are met with an easy-to-use interface. Luckily for us, we’ve got an edgy looking mobile site set up to ensure people searching for us through mobile channels are provided with a positive user experience:

www.roi.com.au mobile site homepagewww.roi.com.au mobile site blog

What can you do to take advantage of mobile searchers?

Whether it’s searching your brand name or the services you offer, ensuring your website is ready and waiting for mobile users to consume is vital.

There’s two steps to doing this effectively:

1. Looking into Search Engine Optimisation services and PPC options to ensure your website is ranking on the first page
2. Setting up a speciality mobile website to ensure your users can consume your content easily

If you are interested in any of the services above, or just want more information on how mobile marketing works, contact roi.com.au today.

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