Duplicate Google Places listings

Overcoming the problem of duplicate Places listings

Sometimes duplicate listings appear in Google Places without anyone from you company creating them – usually as a result of a directory listing in a local directory, such as Yellow Pages.

These duplicate Google Places listings can be a problem and can impact on your website traffic and general brand awareness as they may not accurately represent what your business is about. For instance, the duplicate Places listing may have been created from an old directory listing, which may not have your correct URL or consistent address and contact details. It also may contain old images and out-dated branding – which can leave some existing or prospective customers wondering if it’s actually the same business.

The real problem arises when the duplicate Places listing starts to out rank your preferred listing for the search terms or categories for which you are trying to be listed on the first page of Google.

How to handle duplicate Google Places listings

If a Google Places listing exists (and you haven’t ever set one up), then claim the listing by clicking on the ‘Business Owner’ link.

After this, or if you already have a listing in your Places account that you are satisfied with, then click on the ‘Edit this place’ and then ‘Report a problem’. Here you can select a reason such as ‘Place has another listing’ and submit a link to your preferred listing in the comment field.

It can take several days and even weeks for Google to address the problem but if you don’t take action, the likelihood is it won’t happen naturally.

If you have more than one Places listing in your Google Places account, this is contrary to Google’s guidelines for Places – so again, it’s important to select your preferred version, ensure it’s accurate and then delete the other listing or listings in your account. Again, it can take a while for this to update.

Similarly, if there is a duplicate Places listing for your business created through separate accounts, then you need to select and retain your preferred version and delete the other listing.

Be wary of duplicate listings – check Google Places regularly

It’s important to be aware of this issue on a continuous basis – we have seen instances where deleted Google Places listings can reappear, again as a result of the directory listing for your business.

To avoid a recurring problem, contact the directories in which your business is located and supply your correct contact details, website and logo and be sure that the address is consistent with what is on your website and with what is in your Google Places listing.

If you are not getting your desired results from your Google Places account, or are having a problem with duplicate listings, contact roi.com.au today on 1300 650 274.

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