E-commerce owners: Are you too busy to read this?

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RUNNING a successful E-commerce website is tough work and there are many operators in Australia struggling to keep up with the demands of digital marketing.

But it’s critical for even the busiest online business operators to ensure their marketing strategies are in full swing.

Here’s a checklist of five things every E-commerce business must be doing:

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1. Set an achievable goal

Figure out what you’re hoping to get out of your marketing strategy. What do you want to get out of it for your business?

Without a proper goal, you can’t create an effective digital marketing plan.  Think about things like: Getting more leads, a higher ROI or just a greater volume of overall web traffic.

The fundamentals:

  • Find out exactly where your sales come from
  • How many come from digital marketing?
  • What is your overall goal?

2. Define what’s great about your product

Properly defining a product or service means knowing exactly why it’s superior or different than what the competition is offering. Why should somebody purchase specifically from you?  If you don’t have a clear and consistent answer to this question, your marketing campaign will be doomed from the start.

The fundamentals:

  • Who is the product meant for?
  • What is so good about it?
  • Why should customers buy your product instead of a competitor’s?

3. Create quality content

Quality content is the foundation of your digital marketing plan. Without interesting content, few people will visit your website or recognise your brand. It’s essential for attracting new customers and building your reputation as an online store that is up to date and ready for business.

Content can be many things. But it mainly consists of news and feature stories, videos, social media posts and photo galleries.

In order to create quality content, you need a professional writer, or an agency to do it for you. Most importantly, content should not be ‘salesy’ and people should want to read more of it.

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The fundamentals:

  • Regular blog posts
  • Create photo galleries
  • Produce interesting product videos
  • Distribute press releases

4. Develop a call to action

A call to action is an image or graphic that prompts visitors to do something that connects them to your business.  This includes subscribing to a newsletter or requesting a quote or product brochure. Calls to action should direct people to landing pages where you can collect their information in exchange for something valuable.

You need to create lots of different calls to action across your website, and have them specifically optimised for the targeted audience.

The fundamentals:

  • Aim to capture email addresses and other details about your market
  • Drive calls to action to the most important pages on your website
  • Use offers and discounts as incentives
  • Ensure a smooth user experience

5.  Use social media to drive more traffic to your website 

Increasing traffic for your website is an obvious method of driving leads.  It sounds easy, but takes a lot of hard work – and most businesses fail to do it.

Used strategically, social media marketing can be the solution to this common problem, but if you’re juggling all the other challenges of running a small business, you may not know where to start.

It’s not just about Facebook and Twitter anymore. There are now dozens of worthwhile social platforms to drive your business.

To take it up a notch, you can start using social media advertising to increase traffic. When using Facebook ads or a promoted Tweet be sure to link back to a dedicated landing page for conversion. You can also create ads on LinkedIn that link to a lead generation form on your site.

The fundamentals:

  • Win more Facebook likes
  • Connect with the right people on LinkedIn
  • Boost your Twitter following
  • Show off your images on Instagram

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How much of this should you learn to do yourself?

Many businesses have existing marketing strengths to work off. But it is worth speaking to one of our experts to learn more about increasing E-commerce sales.


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