Effective Social Media Optimisation

The value of Social Media Optimisation to Australian businesses

Social media optimisation involves using social media websites and other forms of online social interaction such as blogging as a means of generating website traffic, sales leads and ultimately increasing profits. Social media optimisation is growing in significance as an element of a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy and its influence is predicted to grow even further as Google enter the social media world with their latest offering.

Enhancing your business’s presence across popular social media platforms is important for increasing numbers of demographic segments – it’s not just Gen Y that are engaged in the latest technologies. No matter what consumer demographic you are targeting, social media sites such as Facebook have a valuable part to play.

Social Media Optimisation facilitates word of mouth and indirect traffic

The main advantage of social media is it is free to be a member and to put your brand within view of the social circles of your online customers – which can very often mean within view of like-minded consumers. There are no direct sales to be had but the indirect impact it has on your business can be enormous.

The value of social media in Australia is one with enormous potential when you consider that over 80 per cent of Australian’s use the internet and approximately 42% of Aussies are registered users of Facebook. Add to that the fact that Australia’s tops global social media usage, and you see how important an online presence is.

Tapping into an audience of that scale can bring significant value to your business – particularly any business that has successfully generated sales through referrals and positive word of mouth. Social media optimisation essentially facilitates a multiplied effect for word of mouth.

The peer influence of social media cannot be underestimated

The social influence on the purchasing decision has always been significant – such is the nature of fashion and other trends – but digital media facilitates an exponential rate of growth. In offline circles positive word-of-mouth can be a slow yet effective process, however online it is instant – as soon as a satisfied customer opts to ‘share’ or ‘like’ whatever it is you are selling they are giving your brand a seal of approval for like-minded demographic groups.

In a similar vein, social media can have negative consequences for businesses who fail to deliver the standards they lay claim to. Negative word of mouth can spread just as rapidly, so it is important to be confident in your service delivery before opting to include social media in your search engine marketing strategy.

Social media optimisation is a must for most Australian businesses

At present, Facebook and the like don’t facilitate E-commerce directly but given the social networking giants increasing power and unrivalled status it could soon decide it worthwhile to expand its base and delve into direct E-commerce, already enjoying the global presence to challenge the likes of eBay and Amazon.

While sales and profits are at the forefront of marketers minds, it is important to remember social media is not just a means of generating sales. It is crucial to maintain an active approach to your social media optimisation strategy as it is as much a vehicle for brand building and reputation management as it is a means of improving sales. Using Facebook and other social sites purely as a means for in-bound traffic and sales may prove more troublesome than profitable.

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