Exclude IP Address in Google Analytics

How to Exclude an IP Address in Google Analytics

The latest in our series of articles on Google Analytics for beginners looks at how to exclude an IP address from your Google Analytics traffic data. The following is roi.com.au’s easy-to-follow guide on how to exclude an IP address from your Analytics data and an explanation of the impact that will have on your data.

Why Exclude an IP Address from your Google Analytics account?

The most common reason for excluding an IP address or range of IP addresses from your Google Analytics data is to exclude internal traffic from appearing on your reports. If you, or members of your staff visit your website and view pages on a regular basis, the visitor and traffic sources data presented in your Google Analytics account will be affected. For sites with huge volumes of traffic this may not be a big issue but for many website owners it is important to exclude these numbers from your analysis of the data presented in order to get a true representation of how your website is performing.

By the same token, if your business sells a high-value, high involvement product or service and has a small number of clients visiting your site on a regular basis, it makes sense to exclude those visits by creating an appropriate filter

How to Exclude an IP Address in Google Analytics

1.    In your Analytics account visit your Analytics Settings page and click on the Edit link for the profile in which you want to add a filter
2.    In the Profile setting page, scroll down to ‘Filters Applied to this Profile’ and click on ‘Add Filter’ (right hand side)
3.    In the Create New Filter page, you will be given the option to add a new filter or apply an existing filter. Select the first one (default).
4.    Add a filter name and from the first drop down Tab select ‘Exclude’.
5.    From the second drop-down Tab select ‘traffic from the IP addresses’ and from the third tab select ‘that are equal to’.
6.    Enter your IP address with relevant regular expressions. If you don’t know how to use Regular expressions, visit this link where Google will convert your IP address into the relevant Reg-Ex inclusive code.
7.    Click ‘Save Changes’.

If you follow this step-by-step filtering process you will successfully exclude the relevant IP address from your Google Analytics data.

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