Facebook Ads: Boosted, Promoted or Newsfeed Ad?

What is the best method for Facebook Advertising?

Every business these days is aware of the benefits of having a strong social media presence even if they are not actively engaging in social media marketing themselves. Increased exposure, traffic, brand loyalty, lead generation, greater marketplace insight and improved SEO are all benefits linked to a well-run social media campaign.

Facebook is often the first port of call when developing a social media presence. With 500 million users worldwide, (and remember half of these are mobile users), the size of their potential audience is unrivalled across the social media platforms.

After creating a Facebook business page there are four ways to share your content:

  • Organic posts
  • Boosted posts
  • Promoted posts
  • Newsfeed ads

Understanding the differences between the formats is essential for choosing the correct method of delivery and ultimately achieving your marketing objectives.

Facebook Organic Post

Organic Posts

In 2012 organic (unpaid) posts on Facebook reached approximately 16% of the pages’ fan base – the users who have liked your page. Now organic reach can be as low as 2.27% but is dependent on the size of a pages fan base, as shown in the infographic below.

Facebook Ad Reach
Infographic sourced from www.neilpatel.com


To increase the reach of your post, or to target users outside of your fan base, it will need to be boosted or promoted.


Boosted Posts

By clicking the boost button on an organic post, you are able to reach more users within your fan base and you can also further reach users outside your fan base. Previously, this method was not recommended as Facebook did not allow administrators to specify the target audience’s demographic. This can cause your ad to be displayed to those outside of your target market, leading to poor results and wasted money. However at the start of the year, Facebook changed this and a boosted post’s audience can now be edited to target the location, age, gender and interests.


Facebook Ad Audience


A boosted post will show up in the news feed and look similar to an organic post with the addition of a ‘Like Page’ button, a ‘Sponsored’ note and a ‘Suggested Post’ headline. Facebook will automatically run an Engagement Campaign for the post with purpose of increasing Likes, Comments and/or Shares.

Facebook Boosted Promoted

Promoted Post

A promoted post will look identical to a boosted post. The creation of a promoted post requires the use of Facebook Ads manager or the Power Editor tool. This gives administrators more liberty to refine the posts’ target audience as well as optimise for other objectives besides Post Engagement. Optimisations are available for daily unique reach, impressions and clicks.

Another bonus of opting for a promoted post is the ability to add conversion tracking pixels to the post. This can determine whether a customer takes a desired action such as buying an item, signing up to a newsletter, or making an enquiry.


Facebook Promoted


Newsfeed Ads

A newsfeed ad is not paid advertisement for an organic post. The Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor is used for their creation. It is a simple step-by-step process that results in the delivery of desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, desktop right column and/or audience network ads, with the option of a standard ad or a carousel ad. All the features of promoted posts are available to Facebook newsfeed ads.

The standard ad will look similar to an organic post with the addition of a CTA and the option of a vanity URL. A vanity URL is helpful to increase brand identity, an SEO play and can also help users find you easier. Carousel ads feature up to 5 images, each with their own title and destination URL, and can be useful to display a range of products or services.


Facebook Newsfeed Ad

Ad Performance Conclusions

Ok, so we have gone through the features of the various Facebook Ads available but you may be wondering how does that translate into performance? Whichever type of ad you decide to use, their performance is tracked through the Ads Manager. Recently The Digiteri ran an experiment to test the performance of boosted posts, promoted posts and newsfeed ads. By keeping the budget, image and ad copy constant they could track the performance of the different Facebook Ad options.

Facebook Ad performance


This experiment showed:

  • Compared to the Promoted Post and Newsfeed Ad, Boosted Posts almost doubled their reach and had a far lower cost per reach
  • Despite having the smallest reach, the Newsfeed Ad had the highest CTR and the highest engagement
  • Promoted Posts were the least successful

The correct choice of Facebook ad will always relate to the marketing objectives. If exposure is the main goal then these results show that a boosted post will get the best bang for your buck. If you are attempting to induce a desired action from a user, such as an online purchase, then Newsfeed Ads are the way to go.

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