Should I Be Using Facebook or Google Adwords for my Business?


If your business supplies a product or service that is usually acted upon on a whim or spontaneously, Facebook is definitely going to be useful to you.

If it’s a bigger once off product or service Adwords will serve you better, but that’s not to say you can’t use them in conjunction in both cases!

So Why Do They Serve Such Different Purposes and How Can I Benefit?

Long Answer: To put it simply, Google Adwords knows what people are looking for and Facebook knows who people are and what they like.

With Facebook you can choose your audience by selecting their interests, demographic and geographic location (you can even narrow it down to suburbs!).

Retail based businesses tend to do very well and the Cost Per Click can be significantly lower than Adwords.



Facebook Ads that pique peoples’ interest with sales or promotions also generally get a high amount of clicks.

Trade businesses should stick to Adwords because the first place people go to when they lose their keys is Google (I don’t like any locksmith pages or anything related to losing my keys on Facebook, do you?).

Adwords is also better for people who are conducting research on a product.


In summary, Google Adwords works best when people are looking for a specific product or service while they’re in “research” mode.

But it may be beneficial to particular businesses to use both services in a marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads work well for a whole range of different optimized campaigns and can encourage people to talk about your business from likes, shares and comments on the Ads you post from your page.

Facebook not only helps you sell, but it helps build an integral bond with your customer.


*This blog first appeared on October 7, 2014. It has since been updated.


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