Facebook Launches New Send Button

Another Button to Be Aware Of! Facebook Launches Send Button

It’s becoming something of a War of the Buttons in the land of social media. Facebook’s Like button was followed by Google’s (still not fully launched) +1 button and now Facebook are back with the Send Button.

The Facebook Send Button is available to all Facebook users and enables users to share content with certain Facebook contacts. Instead of clicking the ‘Like’ button which allows all friends to see what you have liked, the ‘Send’ button allows users to send their seal of approval to individuals and selected friend groups via messages or e-mail.

The Send Button allows users to send URLs to friend’s inboxes or post them on a group wall of any group they are a member of or as a direct e-mail. Essentially it adds a degree of privacy where you may not want friends to see the content you are endorsing.

After you send something to a friend or group of friends the message is received including a link to the specified URL along with a title, image, and short description of the link.

What does the Facebook Send Button mean for Austalian businesses?

It’s another button and many people may eventually get fed up of the amount of liking, retweeting, +1ing and now sending but at the moment social media is where it’s at and Facebook are the kings of social media so taking a positive outlook on the Facebook Send Button is recommended.

From a business perspective, it’s not hugely different to the Like button but there may be instances where people may only want to share your product or service with a select number of friends. For instance medical advice or other sensitive information, products or services related to a forthcoming celebration, planning a surprise getaway or party, purchasing a major asset – these are a few instances where Facebook users might not want all of their friends to know about.

It makes sense to be proactive about the Send button, implementing it to your website certainly won’t hurt and it will ensure that your business is one of those selected on the basis of exclusivity or privacy, even if those instances are not all that frequent.

For anyone wishing to include the Facebook Send Button on their site, Facebook provide the required coding here.

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