New Rating Score Helps Facebook Advertisers

Facebook launches Relevance Score

Digital marketers around the world are rejoicing at the news that Facebook will be judging them.

The world’s most popular social networking platform has announced that it will be rolling out a new feature that will provide a score between 1 and 10 for some ads.

The “Relevance Score” is based on a Facebook prediction of how much positive and negative feedback an ad is likely to receive.

If the predicted score is low, it means the target audience is more likely to hide or complain about the ad.

If Facebook predicts users will engage positively with the ad with Likes, clicks or comments, it will receive a higher score.

“Our ad delivery system is designed to show the right content to the right people, and a high relevance score is seen by the system as a positive signal,” said Facebook on its news page.

And this is what it looks like.

Facebook relevance score screen shot

The introduction of the new metric will be a boon for digital marketers running Facebook ad campaigns.

The benefits to advertisers include:

  • The chance to get feedback on several versions of an ad before they go live. While trailing an ad is not a new feature, marketers will now be able to learn which is the strongest version of the ad depending on the relevance score.
  • A better chance of reaching more people for less money.
  • Potentially delivering more relevant content to a more targeted audience.
  • The opportunity to refresh ads that are becoming stale.

Search Engine Journal’s content marketing blogger Matt Southern made this observation about the new feature: “Since Relevance Score is calculated before you run the campaign, you can experiment with images and ad copy and perhaps end up with something you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.”

The new feature is expected to be rolled out globally soon. Here at ROI we’ve seen the Relevance Score appear on some Facebook Ads, but not others.

To activate Relevance Score when it is made available on your Facebook account, go to the Ads Manager, click on Reports on the left menu as below:

Install Facebook Relevance Score


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