Finding a Reputable SEO Company

The best thing any SEO company can do for you is listen to what you want to achieve

More and more companies in Australia have come to the realisation that search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing as a whole are now a mainstream marketing activity that progressive businesses cannot go without. In terms of measurability and cost-effective results, SEO won’t be beaten in the vast majority of instances. SEO works best as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy encompassing online advertising, social media optimisation and conversion-oriented web design.

SEO is new territory to some Australian business owners but an increasing number of companies are savvy when it comes to the basic principles and exploring the data in their Google Analytics account. The key challenge for SEO companies is turning that data into actionable items that deliver a better return on investment – that’s where your SEO company comes in. Well established SEO providers have the experience – they have seen the pitfalls and adapted to the changing demands placed upon them by Google and other search engines.

Is your SEO company reputable?

To discover more about your SEO company, Google them. Do some research yourself and discover who else they are serving in your city, or in your industry. If a SEO company is delivering results for a company you know, then they are a likely candidate to assist your business. It’s worthwhile seeking references from other businesses served by the SEO firm to determine if they can assist your business but ultimately, you first-hand impression of the company you speak to should be your guiding light.

If the company you speak to are guaranteeing first place rankings, be very wary. Ranking number one in Google has become increasingly difficult as competition has intensified and guarantees simply cannot be made. Similarly, if the SEO company you speak to spends the entire conversation telling you how great they are and start to bamboozle you with technical SEO jargon, you should be equally suspicious.

How SEO companies can make promises on results without hearing your business objectives is something that baffles us. If they don’t know what you are aiming to achieve how can the results they are promising even be relevant?

For example the SEO company says: “We’ll put you number one for this keyword….” but your thinking, we’ve already maximised the return we get from that market relevant to our capabilities but we’re looking to explore new markets. So why invest a limited budget targeting that keyword?

At we listen to you, we work for you and we deliver results

At we believe in delivering the maximum return on investment to all our clients – more sales and profit for you at a lower cost. We do this through consistency of effort; through continuous improvement in what we do; through transparency and communication but most importantly through listening to you and understanding your business objectives.

Using the resources at our disposal such as Google Analytics services, Webmaster Tools and proprietary analytics software we offer complete transparency – so you can see exactly how we deliver great results.

If you have ambitious business goals and want to partner with a great SEO company, call us today. We would love to hear about your business objectives and play our part in a mutually beneficial business relationship. We offer the most comprehensive range of SEO services and Google Adwords management services in Australia. Contact us today for more information.

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