Focus on Your SEO Segmentation

The keys to running a successful business and SEO campaign are the same – they both require absolute focus.  Your SEO campaign needs to be aligned to the main profit drivers of your organisation.  A common mistake in the design of SEO campaigns is getting distracted by the lure of high traffic keywords which don’t match where you make money.

Remember SEO is about increasing the amount of qualified traffic into your organisation. Plus, have you considered the cost to your organisation of servicing unqualified sales opportunities?
When choosing  keywords for your SEO strategy the goal should be to maximise your market reach and traffic from your most profitable business areas.  This often means targeting top 5 rankings for 10-20 keyword variations in your chosen business category – ie: ergonomic office chairs.

If you already rank number 1 for the most popular keyword in that category, don’t stop there – this is the ideal time to broaden your keyword focus and achieve ranking for all the long tail variations of the major keyword. Easy wins are targeting words like Australia, Melbourne, services and solutions. Having SEO programs targeting Melbourne, Brisbane or the areas you service can vastly improve the qualified traffic you get.

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