Free Social Media Calendar Template

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the social media marketing game, one thing shall always remain; the need for expert planning.

So in order to make sure your content is released “right on time”, ROI has provided a free calendar template that’ sure to keep you on top of your work.

calendar image

Here’s how you use it…


Holiday/Special Dates: Great for highlighting key public events or creating content based on international days (i.e. international Women’s’ Day).

int day


Sales/Specials/Offers: If you’re an e-commerce business be sure to let your followers know that you’ve got specials on.

However, if using images on Instagram, be sure to have minimal text for aesthetics sake.

Facebook ads have a 20% rule for how much text can be in a photo.

You can check if you’re within the limits via this handy website.


Post Type (Sponsored/paid /organic): Here you can ascertain whether your post will be organic or paid,

allowing you the opportunity to detail your allotted budget and work from a place of preparation.


Media: Image/video: A space for you to details what sort of imagery you’d like to attach to your social media.

Did you know that videos are on the rise and most are watched without sound? Prepare for this by adding subtitles to your show reel.




Copy: Copy simply means “words”. In this space you can plan a witty catch phrase to accompany your content in the comment section.

Remember that different channels have different word limits and that less is more. People tend to gloss over text-heavy posts.


Keywords (if relevant): If you have any keywords that you need to remember or think could help identify the theme of the post,

be sure to jot them down so you don’t forget them.


Weblinks: This is perfect for when you’re sharing articles by other people on your page.

This can promote goodwill and potential leads.

However, this can only be achieved if you properly reference someone else’s work.

Plagiarizing content as your own will only burn bridges.



Hashtags (trending): The right hashtags are crucial in ensuring you broaden your audience.

However make sure you do a search of hashtags that are actually trending rather than making up your own.

Also be sure that the spelling is correct or run the risk of being lost in cyber-space.



Tagging Facebook Friends: This is a great idea if your social media plan has seed marketing in mind,

i.e. if you’re reaching out to bloggers or influencers whose support can garner you some serious online cred! However be sure to tag others after you’ve built a relationship with them.


Post Targeting (age, location): Post targeting allows you to determine your desired demographic.

This will be particular useful when implementing a Facebook ad and determining it’s reach.

Knowing your audience is also powerful in defining what sort of content you should be creating.



Now that you’ve got the low down on our template, feel free to download it here!



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