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What You Can Learn From a Free Website Traffic Analysis Report

A free website traffic analysis report is the first step in getting your website to fulfill its potential or identifying new business opportunities. Too many website owners consider any form of business generated through the website as a result. While it is positive, the likelihood is that your website is not fulfilling its potential – that’s where a web traffic analysis can help.

Accepting the current performance of your website as optimal is similar to owning a high street store with thousands of people passing by every week and settling for a handful of people browsing through your store with the odd person actually buying something. Your website is your virtual high street store. If sufficiently optimised it presents you with access to more qualified customers than any shop front anywhere in the world could ever hope to produce – and for a mere fraction of the cost of keeping such a premises.

Quality website traffic analysis will tell you what is and is not working with your website – is it attracting the right visitors? Is it attracting enough visitors for your industry or niche? Are visitors impressed enough to contact your or even buy direct through your site? Are they sticking around long enough to find out what your business is about?

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for ongoing website analysis

Google Analytics is a free resource from Google which enable site owners to track and measure the performance of their website. The data presented, if interpreted correctly, presents site owners with opportunities to improve and refine their site and even their marketing strategy. The problem with Google Analytics is that it cannot interpret historical data dating back to before the tracking code was installed on the relevant site, so if you don’t install it when you launch your site, you are limited in the data it presents.

A Website Traffic Analysis Report from is thorough and FREE!

A website traffic analysis report from is the best way to determine the current performance of your website and an excellent base upon which to build your online marketing strategy. We can assess your existing rankings for the most relevant search terms for your industry or niche, a cost-per-click analysis to determine what it’s costing you to generate leads and identification of improved traffic opportunities – we will also provide you with a six month traffic forecast, to show you exactly what kind of opportunities are available in the immediate future. has generated countless website traffic analysis reports for Australian businesses across dozens of industries. In most cases, it has been the first step in an ongoing consultancy relationship where we work to improve rankings, traffic and ultimately sales for all our clients. Visit our SEO page to gain a great insight into how we can help you. Or, contact us today to find out more!

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