Further Google Changes

500 Changes from Google in 2011

Last week Google announced another batch of changes on their official Inside Search blog, as part of a new series of blog posts detailing search improvements in a move towards greater transparency with how search works.

Already 2011 has seen a host of changes and new developments including changes to the search algorithm, the introduction of Google+ and changes to SERP appearance amongst others.

The last month has seen further updates with algorithm changes which will give greater attention to long-tail documents while also identifying parked domains and removing them from search results.

Verbatim search

This tool isn’t for everyone, but it’s a useful one to know when Google isn’t giving you exactly what you want. Verbatim search makes it easier to find a particular word or phrase, without Google automatically offering spelling corrections, personalised results or similar terms to the ones you’ve searched for.

Previously, this has been possible with the plus (‘+’) or inverted commas (“”) search operators but Google found in most instances these were not being used or when they were used, they were used incorrectly – Verbatim side-steps these operators and can be found under ‘More Search Tools’ in the left-hand sidebar menu.

Other recent changes

There have been numerous other changes including more refined search results, an increased focused on freshness when it comes to image and blog search results as well as offering more auto-complete predictions when users perform a search.

Google have also tweaked the design of the Google bar and made a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface for iPads and tablet devices which account for a significant portion of mobile search in Australia.

How will these results impact your business?

The latest updates to how Google presents search results focus on accuracy and delivering exactly what searchers want without a need for them to manually refine their search. It puts a greater onus on the quality of blog and website content and your overall search engine optimisation strategy in order to get found for more specific search results.

To learn more about the subtleties of how the Google engine operates contact the SEO specialists at roi.com.au today.

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