Geotargeting Is A Valuable Internet Marketing Tool

Geotargeting involves determining the location of a website visitor and delivering content specific to that region or territory. Determining the location is usually done through the website’s visitors IP address.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) Geotargeting is increasingly being used by online marketers to enhance the experience of website visitors. As businesses increase their online presence, they have to contend with global audience thanks to the endless boundaries of the web.

Geotargeting for search engine optimisation is a technique wherein localised website content is made available to visitors based on their IP address. For example an Australian car rental company can have different web pages for visitors from Sydney and different web pages for visitors from the US. Engaging in a SEO program that targets Sydney will provide more relevant rankings for people search from NSW over the US.

For people in Sydney the web page can show different cars available for rent with monthly and weekly package discounts, whereas to people from US it can have generic content with variable discount offers (reduced discounts as the vacation date comes closer) for people who book /pay in advance for holiday seasons.

Geotargeting can help target local customers

Geotargeting is also being used by online businesses to effectively target local customers with branches nearer to the visitor showing up on the home page for easier reach. Geotargeting is considered a smart SEO tactic to increase the relevance of your web-content, thereby increasing the brand recall and boosting repeat visitation.

Businesses that engage in geotargeting are finding that geotargeting helps build their competitive edge, especially if you own a national company which offers different products or services which target specific regions. As an example, if you are selling fishing boats and fishing equipment, you could use geotargeting to direct IP addresses in landlocked countries and territories to pages that display river and lake fishing boats rather than deep sea fishing boats and equipment, which would probably be aimed at IP addresses on or close to coastal areas.

Geotargeting has proven to be a smart web-marketing differentiator in the following business situations:

-You sell a product /service that appeals to customers in a particular region
-You can do business with people from a particular area only
-Even though your business has a worldwide reach you want to explore a narrower regional niche
-You want to run a region specific promotional campaign targeting a specific set of loyal customers
-You want to leverage a higher demand for your offerings in a specific region
-You enjoy high brand equity in your local region and want to capitalise on it for better returns on your online marketing spends.
-You want to use your online presence to drive more visitors to your local offline business branch/store
-You specifically want to build a local brand
-You want to capitalise on local festivities of a region for a limited time.

Successful Geotargeting SEO tactics

Businesses that want a global brand appeal and also want to target local audiences may decide to have two websites: one for the local audience and the other for international customers. Some websites may also decide to employ Geotargeting for a few webpages only e.g. the contact us webpage would only show the local address (or the nearest branch) only and for other branches one would need to select from a menu of clickable region options.

Other successful geotargeting tactics that are in use today involve using different sets of visuals and content for visitors from different regions. For sites with multilingual target audiences, they can show the relevant language webpages to the visiting customers with an option to select another language of their choice. Geotargeting can also enhance the visual appeal as only locally relevant images maybe served with the webcontent based on the preferences of the people from that particular region.

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