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Why do businesses invest in marketing and advertising? To improve brand awareness, to target new markets or segments? Yes, no, maybe. Ultimately it’s about increasing sales. Secondly, it’s about increasing sales and delivering the best return on investment – more sales at a lower cost.

The internet and Google may have added a whole new dimension to marketing and advertising – pay-per-click, search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Places, Social Media Optimisation, video and YouTube, blogging and directories and so on.

Few Australians use the Yellow or White Pages anymore. In fact, many Gen Y Aussies have never even seen a copy of the Yellow Pages! Think about it – when you are looking to hire a plumber, call a tax advisor or any seek out any other service or product, who bothers to look through the Yellow Pages? In many instances, you have to look FOR the Yellow Pages and then leaf through it – ‘T’ for ‘tax advisor’; or is it ‘A’ for ‘accountant’ or ‘F’ for ‘financial services’.

Really? Who does that in the modern world when you can type it into Google and have what you are looking for in about 15 seconds? In fact with the development of voice search (now available on Google Chrome), you don’t even have to type it, you just say it. Google makes it even faster with Google Instant Pages – instant search results for certain searches.


The Yellow Pages and traditional advertising formats are outdated. They are also less cost-effective and far less measurable than getting your business found on Google search.

The tools may have changed but the objective remains the same – more phone calls, more sales leads, bigger profits and a better margin. are dedicated to creating more sales opportunities for your business

There are plenty of business out there claiming expertise in online marketing and the various facets of the industry. They promise great rankings, more links, traffic etc. How many of these companies are concerned with getting your phone ringing? Delivering tangible value to your business is what ROI is all about – a genuine return on your investment. have a team of dedicated business professionals and our goal is to make your phone ring or get more visits to your door – delivering more prospective customers and genuine sales leads to your business. We deliver results in terms of your business objectives – not clicks and links and internet jargon, just well researched and effective marketing assistance. We can go into the technicalities of how we make that happen, or we can show examples of other companies in your industry or your city that have benefited from our expertise.

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