How To Get The Phones Ringing and Cut Click Costs By 50%

Mobile phone calling

In this article, we reveal how an effective website can get the phone ringing for:

  • Local businesses
  • Retailers
  • E-commerce
  • B2B 

MARKETING an enterprise online is like coaching a footy team.

Success is measured by results. Winning is what matters, not how long you possess the ball.

A good coach plays to the strengths at their disposal and builds a game plan to create openings the opposition finds hard to defend.

In business, as in football, outflanking opponents with actionable strategies that can be easily executed is the name of the game.

And staying at least one step ahead of the crowd almost always translates into sustained success.

So why are so many businesses still chasing the same metrics that mattered five, 10 or even 15 years ago when, clearly, the game has changed so much?

Are clicks from a web searcher seeking general information before committing to a purchase worth as much as a phone call from a red hot prospect who wants to buy now, or a genuine inquiry from someone with legitimate questions they couldn’t find answers to?

We live in a mobile-centric world where a call is one click away from a web page. So why wouldn’t businesses want their phones ringing off the hook if they’ve got an effective website and are attracting inquiries from people who are ready to convert?

Man on a mobile phone

If we told you it could cut your click costs in half and increase revenue and profits in the process, would we have your attention? Well, here goes.

Know Your Place

What works can vary depending on the business category. A local business, for instance, won’t be playing in the same league as a retail firm, an E-Commerce line-up or a B2B organisation.

In all three categories we have identified businesses that spend too much on clicks and get poor returns because they don’t leverage off the value and the location of their product, or the times at which it is available and worth the most.

Local Businesses

Capitalise on the times when people aren’t busy, such as weekends and evenings. Highlight that you are available when most of your competitors are closed.

EXAMPLES: A plumber or mechanic who offers an emergency service can steal market share, as can a dentist that takes appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re not open and you’re relying on local customers for your business, these are potentially missed opportunities you might never get again. Calling in an emergency

Create interest around limited availability. Customers don’t change their allegiances easily but it can happen if they feel they could be missing out on something.

EXAMPLES: Last minute offers are popular in the hotel industry where there are only limited bookings available. Offering it to a specific market, such as retired people only, can generate interest quickly and word can spread fast. Empty rooms can’t be filled afterwards but there are ways to make them sound attractive by making exclusive offers without compromising your price.


Clearly explain how you want visitors to your website to engage with your business all the way through the buying cycle.

EXAMPLE: Putting in a price point doesn’t mean you are discounting. Set your prices to help prospects make decisions. People search for prices to understand what businesses they want to engage with. Conversely, if a business doesn’t want inquiries at certain price points, defining a price up front will eliminate those inquiries and attract a different type of customer. This educates them about your position in the market before they call, creating more qualified leads. Help move people through the buying cycle on your website and direct them to your Contact Us page if they have any questions before they come to your shop.

Retail shopper on the phone

EXAMPLE: How many people aren’t calling because they have misconceptions about your products or they didn’t think you could help them because you don’t provide the information they need to make a decision. Many business owners falsely assume that everyone has access to instant knowledge on every subject. The reality can be quite different. With so much information at everyone’s fingertips, it can be harder for someone to know who can help them and who can’t – particularly if a website doesn’t answer most, if not all of their questions.


There is a difference between someone who is about to spend $5000 on a one-off item and a person who is buying the same $30 part they’ve bought 20 times over the past four years.

Is it likely the customer about to spend $5000 might have a few more questions than the other client? You bet.

Would it help if your website invited them to call for more information? Absolutely!

  • Think about your channel and consider the benefits of cross-channel engagement with customers for certain types of products.
  • Changing up the conversion model can lead to a much higher conversion rate.  These buyers want more consultancy because they are spending more money. Businesses that recognise this will start to beat international companies that can’t offer that level of local support.
  • Get on the front foot and work out what is worth more to your business – lots of inquiries for low value products, or fewer inquiries for high value products that generate more revenue and bigger profits.


Stop chasing informational inquiries. Speak to prospects who are more ready to buy now by relating better to their circumstances, understanding their frustrations, and answering their questions. If your website does this well, you’ll soon be beating back the calls.

Closing a deal on the phone

Our data shows us that people who phone convert to customers at 2-3 times the rate of people who fill out a form on a website. Speaking to them on the phone helps them make a decision 2-3 times faster and, in most instances, they’ll spend a lot more money.

The more you connect with your customer needs, the more value you can demonstrate can be delivered, the less you need to be worry about how much you charge.

Gotta run – the phone’s ringing.


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