Getting more conversions from web traffic

Q. Why am I getting good traffic and rankings, but very little conversion or sales?

A. Believe it not, quite a few companies fall into this category. Business owners and marketers need to understand that just because a website is ranking and also getting decent traffic does not mean their products or services are going to sell. There are quite a few factors that are involved here. Yes, you might have your SEO or CPC strategies well structured but what about your website? Are the search terms you are targeting really the right ones for what you have to offer, it is easy to navigate with easy access to information and does your website look visually appealing, professional or legitimate? Your site also needs to be able to fulfill a want or a need for the market you are wanting to target.

Put yourself in the consumers shoes and make a list of what you would like to see on a website. Market research can be done to determine this but it can be expensive and time consuming. When creating a website it’s not only about understanding the products or services, the industry, the SEM or CPC strategies, but most importantly it is critical to understand the current market and buyer behaviour. There are many different segments to target your product towards, make sure you understand your consumer and employ the correct marketing strategies onto your website. It’s easy to get people to walk into a shop, getting them to purchase something is a completely different thing.

Once you have covered the above strategies you need to have some type of call to action. Many websites fail in making it easy for the consumer to enquire or purchase. If you have an online purchasing system make sure it is extremely user friendly and quick to complete. Or if you have an enquiry section, it will be beneficial to have it created so that the user can fill it in as quickly as possible. Having a equiry section somewhere on every page, placed in a neat and clear way. People often leave websites if they cannot find the information they are looking for or if it is hard to navigate around, even if the product or service they want is available from there.

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