Getting on Google’s Sponsored Links

How Do I Get My Business On Google’s Sponsored Links?

If you are new to the internet and contemplating advertising your business online, the sponsored links section of Google search results is a good place to get exposure for your business. As you probably know, the sponsored links sections appear on top, and to the right, of organic search listings on Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and partner sites.

Sponsored links sections in Google are advertisements which display when someone inputs a relevant search – for example, if you own a restaurant in Melbourne and advertise it on Google, searchers looking for ‘places to eat in Melbourne’ will be given organic search results and sponsored link results for restaurants in Melbourne.

How can I advertise On Google’s Sponsored Links and how much does it cost?

To advertise in the Sponsored Links listings, you need to register a Google AdWords account. There is a minor fee associated with registering the account but other than that, the only costs incurred are the direct costs of advertising.

When you register you account, you can run it much the same as a mobile phone account, opting for either pre- or post-pay. With pre-pay, you need credit in your account to advertise on the sponsored links, with post-pay, billing is done monthly or upon reaching a payment threshold set by Google.

AdWords account holders bid in a bid-based auctioning system to have their ads displayed in the sponsored link section of Google results pages for a given key term. The exact cost of sponsored link advertising varies greatly from industry to industry. The cost is contingent on competition – how much in-demand a given keyword is.

However, you only incur the cost for advertising after a Google searcher clicks on your advertisement. That is why sponsored link advertising is referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) – the actual display of your ad, the impression, costs nothing if not clicked.

Sponsored links can be controlled by the account holder to only display within certain time periods – for example, if you are displaying cinema listing adverts, you would be more inclined to display your ads on evenings and weekends when most people tend to frequent cinemas.

You can also restrict your advertising campaign by budget to ensure you are not running up massive advertising bills. If managed correctly, advertising in sponsored links on Google can be deliver an extremely positive return on your investment, helping you grow sales leads and profits through the fastest growing sales channel – the internet.

Managing sponsored links to get the best possible return from your investment can be difficult, especially when it comes to determining the most relevant keywords or niche searches for the most cost-effective results.

SEO is an alternative to Sponsored Links

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows you to put your business in the organic listings of Google (the main body of search results under Sponsored Links). Organic listings don’t incur a cost per click and present a better long-term investment than the sponsored links section.

Get your business in Google’s Sponsored Links

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