Getting your customers to enhance your SEO

The number of free high quality keyword generation tools and software programs
available such as Google Analytics makes it easy for all of us to tap away at our computers and gain the intelligence we need to run a SEO campaign.

However, given the relatively low percentage of Australian businesses which actually transact online, we are constantly surprised by the small number of business owners that actually know what keywords are responsible for making their phone ring, or generating the foot traffic into their store. People say if you want the right answers, ask the right questions.

We recommend that you not only track where your customers come from ie: Google , Yellow Pages, or the Local Paper,  but also  know what keywords they typed in to find your business. Some customers won’t remember, but many will; and they would be quite happy to tell you how they found your business online, plus how you could improve your website experience.

A successful SEO campaign is all about knowing the most valuable keywords relevant to your business. Make it a priority to know what keywords are driving sales for your business, engage your customers in the process and you will be on the right path for SEO success in 2010/2011.

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