Goal Tracking In Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics Goal Tracking on your website

A goal in Google Analytics is when a visitor lands on a page in your website that you yourself have determined to be a conversion. You can set goals up in your Google Analytics accounts to track how many people land on your goal / conversion page and this is one of the many great ways Google Analytics allows users to see how well their website, search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and marketing campaign is performing.

Some examples of good conversion goals are:

  • Tracking a ‘Thank You’ page view that can only be reached after the visitor has submitted their information through a form. This can track people signing up to newsletters, email list subscriptions, contact forms, file downloads and many more types of conversions.
  • A purchase or ‘payment confirmation’ page in a shopping cart when a visitor has purchased something from your store.
  • A page view for an important news article or another page in your website that you deem important enough to track.

How do I track goals in Google Analytics?

You can track up to 20 goals per Analytics profile (five goals per goal set). To set up a goal visit your Google Analytics Overview page and under ‘Actions’ on the relevant profile, click on ‘Edit’. This will take you through to the Profile Settings page.

From here all you need to do is fill out the relevant fields in the Goal section to set up your goal with an identifiable name; goal type; match type; goal URL (tick box if case sensitive) and a goal value (if required). To finish click save (goals can be edited later).

Goals can then be tracked on an ongoing basis through the Goals section on the left-hand sidebar in the relevant Google Analytics profile.

What can Goal Tracking add to my business?

Setting up and tracking goals in your Google Analytics account will allow you to perform simple and accurate analysis of visits to your website. You will probably have an idea of how many new subscriptions you are getting (if that is your end goal) but unless you are recording all of that data elsewhere, it can be time-consuming to collate the relevant information.

Within Google Analytics you can compare what kind of percentages of visitors’ complete goals, what time of year is a peak period for completing these goals, amongst other metrics. With goal funnel visualisation you can also track what pages visitors came from prior to completing the goal, and what other pages they went to before leaving your site.

Tracking goals provides a valuable insight into the behaviour of site visitors and can identify opportunities for improvements to the user experience and conversion rate of your site.

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